• There is a lot of lions in the wild so it will not make a difference

    Lions are in a lot of place that we have not be or seen. The lion is a big cat that hunts and kills its prey really fast and provides that meat to the rest of the pack. All the people feel sorry for them because they think the animals dont deserve to be there. Lions kill and do bad in the wild and the same goes to the people in prison, they do bad things but locked up for the same reason.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Now, we have had incidents of people getting killed or limbs lost because of animals. It is not their fault! The fault goes to the person who was messing with it. So, they should be locked, just in a bigger cage. Also, increase the security night and day to get less of a risk of an injury. Like I said earlier, it's not their fault.

  • They should be kept in zoos

    They will not live in the wild with people killing all of the animals that they have in the zoos.Also all of the kids that are little can not go out and see them by exploring the wild that is dangerous to have a two year old out side in the wild to try and find a hippo for example.

  • I pretty much agree

    As long as they are treated well. With the right conditions, they should be in zoos. There is no harm, except for that European zoo with the giraffe and the lions. The animals are out of harms way. They will most likely have a longer life span than being in the wild.

  • If it's a good zoo, YES!

    In a good zoo, animals are fed, cleaned, given a family and lots of love. They have good veterinary care, plenty of food, no natural predators... People see it as a prison, but in reality, the wild is very dangerous. There are thousands of predators, competitors for the scarce food, termites, fleas, not to mention in the wild, some parents eat other parent's young. I believe that many of you should read Life of Pi and see a certain paragraph on the author's point of view, as it sums this up quite well.

  • Animals should be locked up in zoos

    Animals should be locked up in zoos. This is because of the fact that zoos are entertaining and educational. Not all animals should be locked-up in zoos, but some should be. The zoos should have regulations and measures put into place so that the animals are treated well, and are happy.

  • Zoos are conservation points.

    Yes, animals should be locked up in zoos. Thanks for the loaded question! Most of the animals found in zoos today have been born in captivity. Also, in many zoos there are endangered species being held in custody in order to implement breeding programs so that they can be reintroduced to their native habitat.

  • Yes, life in a zoo is better than life in the wilds

    Just as housecats live longer than strays, virtually all
    wild animals live longer in captivity. They never go hungry. They never need to
    fight for their food, and if they get injured their wounds are tended. They are
    cared for if they become ill. Finally, when they become old and slow, food and
    water are still available to them, and they need not fear being taken down by a
    young lion. Zoos were built to educate and entertain humans, but from an animal’s
    point of view, they provide a long and healthy life.

  • Animals should be locked up in zoos.

    Zoos are an important part of our culture and they are a good way for kids to learn about animals. Kids can see animals even if they do not live in their native countries. Everyone can remember childhood field trips to the zoo and all the excitement that came from these excursions.

  • Yes, provided they're treated well.

    Of course if an animal is in a zoo, it needs to be locked up so as not to cause harm. But the surroundings should be as natural as possible and the animals must be given space and good care. Then people can learn about them and perhaps be moved to conserve them.

  • It isn't natural

    Why should innocent wild animals be LOCKED in a place that is. 001% of their regular homes (the wild). . . Use your common sense. It just doesn't make sense. People tend to loose their common sense these days and this is one of those issues that people are blind to when it is clear it isn't okay

  • Negative psychological affect

    Imagine somebody taking you out of your home, Locking you up in an unfamiliar small room, Stating in a language that you don't understand that the place is your home. Feeding you at regular intervals and showing you off to a number of beings similar to your captor, Who won't help you and just stare at you, Some may laugh whilst others stare. Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie about kidnapping doesn't it? The poor animals will be stressed, Missing their freedom and split from their family.

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  • Animals get sad

    They get sad they don't feel like ther at home some people are mean to the animals they get sad they are lonley. They need other animals to keep them not lonley they can get mad they learnd how to survive in the wild and not in a cage.

  • Animals shouldn't be locked up

    Animals deserve to be free step into their world and see how it feels for you you wouldn't like it if you were locked up in a small tight space would you if they were Endangered they should be locked up but if not Endangered they need to be free!

  • Animals deserve to live a free life

    How would you like it if you were locked up in a cage for the rest of your life.....YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT WOULD YOU.WHY cant people understand that these innocent animals DON'T deserve to be locked up. Some people would have the argument that animals that are becoming extinct should live in a zoo that is why these clever people came up with a thing called a nature reserve where the the animals can roam free and not be held captive so the public can take pictures with them.Step into the animals shoes for just one second and think how they actually feel.Before zoos were actually built animals were doing just fine so why is it now that people think that animals should be locked up.It amazes me that people would do this to animals, it is like keeping you in a cage for you life.Let these poor animals live the best life possible.

  • I say no

    Would you like to live in a cage that's wright no I sure wouldn't because life shouldn't be that way animals should be in the wild to complete the food chain. Animals are protected from poaches because of wild reserves life isn't the same living in a cage
    I SAY NO

  • I say no

    Would you like to be locked up in a zoo exactly well i sure wouldn't life in a cage isn't wright we shouldn't be locking animals up in zoos even thou animals in the wild may be poached animal reserves try to protect them and animals shouldn't be taken from the wild otherwise they don't live a usual life

  • No Way hosey

    Zoos are useless because animals are not going to go extinct because there are nature reserves. Captive breeding is bad because not all zoos provide a good habitat with space and they put stress on animals. In europe 3000 to 5000 healthy animals are killed ech year. Take your pick. Should they be kept in zoos??

  • No way dude!

    Lions and foxes and elephants and the other animals are stuck in cages! They should not have cages at zoos, it’s bad for the animals to be stuck by themselves. I hope they get out eventually. And the animals will be free forever! Yay! 🤣 it will be the greatest

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