Should animals be prohibited from entertainment uses such as: circuses, zoos, aquariums, and rodeos?

  • Exploitation and Zoos

    I believe animals capable of perceiving pain should not be kept in ways that do not put the animal's mental and physical well-being and health above profit or convenience. Animal hospitals and rehabilitation centers do not fall under this category as long as those requirements are met.

    I can understand that it is important to preserve biodiversity, but this must be done in a way that firstly does not cause the animal psychological turmoil due to boredom or abuse and secondly allows the animal a large range of land that is at least 1/2 of it's normal range with very similar environments. This can be achieved with national parks and reservations, but is rarely found within artificial environments like zoos.

    Another note is about education and appreciation. When my father was a boy he enjoyed going to Seaworld to see all the ocean creatures and loved it. Today I have never been to Seaworld and yet I know much more about marine life than he simply because of National Geographic videos and articles and other internet sources. My point being, today we do not need to see a live animal pacing in a cell in order to learn about it, documentaries and live footage are often more educational and often come at no cost.

  • Were animals created for entertainment?

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  • Animals have no freedom

    They are trapped in limited living space with no freedom and sometimes with none of their species bored to death. They can't learn from their parents and can't play with their siblings. Humans don't teach the animals how to hunt, find food, or climb. It feels like being alone in an orpahnage.

  • Yes and no

    Yes because they are wild animals that deserve to be free in their natural environment in order to live and should not be locked or caged up in zoos.
    On the other hand, these animals are so wild that not everyone will have seen a tiger, lion, monkey face to face e.g. babies and young children mostly get to see these animals at this age. Also not everyone can whisk off to an African safari every now and then just to see a wild animal only if they can afford it obviously

  • Yes they should be prohibitied.

    Animals should not be used as a form of entertainment. It is understandable to put them a zoo as a home to help take care of them when they are no longer able to take care of themselves, but not for entertainment purpose. It would be like putting a child into a hospital and letting others watch them through the glass.

  • Animals Should Live in Wild

    In the case of zoos, circuses and aquariums, wild animals should stay in the wild. Instead of hunting them, humans can take vacations to see these majestic creatures in the wild. Whale watching, African safaris and ecotourism should take off as humans can view wild animals in their natural habitat. In the case of rodeos, using barbs and spurs to get bulls and horses to buck simply for sport is inhumane. Yes, they are livestock there for food. But torturing them just to they can provide an entertainment isn't a humane way to treat bulls and horses.

  • Yes. Animals, well, zoo animals and wild animals were not put here for entertainment

    Confining or forming to perform, wild animals suffer many psychological problems and it is not funny or entertaining. Circuses are the worst. Some zoos are okay, but really kids are nasty, loud and out of control and the animals are frightened of the little brats. How would you like to be in a cage with sticky brats gawking at you al day with goofy parents running behind them saying, 'Stop, No, Don't do that, Come Back'..........Oh my Odin.

  • Not Natural State

    Animals in circuses are often taught the "tricks" by cruelty and some positions are painful to them. Fishes and other sea animals are supposed to be in the sea! Animals in rodeos are obviously not comfortable, they are there to be tempted and put in dangerous situations. Its not natural

  • Yes they should.

    We wouldn't want to be caged up and to entertain for people so why should they. We need to teach our children that we can enjoy animals but its better when they are in their natural environment. Not in something that is somewhat like their natural environment like painted walls or small enclosures.

  • Nope just nope

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  • No they shouldn't

    Animals in marine animal hospitals get help from the people who work there and then they get set free and so they should close because they help then and then set them free son there not captive their whole life.
    This is why I think marine hospitals should jot be banned

  • No, these venues educate the public

    Zoos, rodeos, and aquariums are good for the cause of
    animals endangered because of habitat destruction and climate change. Zoos and
    aquariums never kill animals. They educate the public with wild animal
    exhibits, and use captive breeding programs to restore animal numbers. Rodeos
    encourage the preservation of breeds that otherwise would be of little
    commercial value. Circuses show animals at their most glamorous, and most circuses
    are moving toward more human performers and fewer expensive, highly regulated, wild
    animal acts.

  • It's okay mostly.

    Mostly I think that it is okay if animals are in aquariums and zoos. However, when it comes to rodeos and ciruses I think it's a little bit worse. If they are treated humanely and they have a good life, then I think that it is okay. They should always be treated with respect.

  • No they shouldn't.

    An animal should not be prohibited from entertainment uses. It should be a case by case basis, and only cases where animals are being treated poorly should have a ban placed. Many animals would not be alive if it weren't for zoos. They rescue many animals who have been injured and could not be returned to their natural environment.

  • No, animals should not be prohibited from some forms of enteratinment.

    The forms of entertainment mentioned all vary by how the animals are treated, and it's possible some of them (such as circuses) are not necessarily ideal. But aquariums and zoos often do extensive amounts of educational programs, which help to increase our appreciation of the natural world, and also attempt to save animals that are endangered (through breeding programs). Not all forms of animal entertainment are the same.

  • A different perspective.

    I am answering no, simply from a preservation aspect. Many species have been endangered by human actions. A number of these have survived due to the preservation efforts of zoos and aquariums. Those organizations have a genuine concern for the well-being of animals. However, I could see how circuses and rodeos could be placed in the category of inhumane

  • Animals are being protected

    Animals in zoos and aquariums are being saved from predators, habit loss, hunters, and starvation. Zoos protect these animals and try to make their new habit as closely to the real thing as possible; without the harmful obstacles. Animals taken care of at zoos and aquariums are getting proper feeding, proper care, and a safe environment.

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