• Yes, it is better than humans.

    Yes, animals should be tested on, because it is a fair way to make sure that new drugs and products are safe. If something is toxic, it is important to test the drug on an animal, before it kills a human. Humans are more valuable in terms of life than animals are. No animal should be tortured, but used for scientific purposes is fair.

  • It is cruel but.....

    Science or medicine is never going to advance if we never test it without animals help. The perfect animal to test on would be the mice as we share 95% of our genes with a mouse, making them react like humans. Therefore, I think that, if you want to learn how to cure cancer of another type of disease, then we need to test on animals!

  • I hate to say it, but...

    If we want to advance science and medicine, we must. When I think of it morally, I see it as cruel, but that does not reduce the importance of it. Disease and pestilence do not stop for a life. If we want to effectively combat them, we cannot stop because of a life either. To sacrifice one to save many may seem wrong, but it is neccesary.

  • Yes - They Are All We Have To Test On

    Yes, animals should be tested on, but there should be guidelines established which would specify how and for what reasons. In order for science to make advancements in medicine and medical treatments, it is necessary for testing to be done. Animals are all we have to fill this need. As long as we are not causing undue suffering to the animal, we should use it for testing.

  • Yes they should

    Animals should be tested on because without them we wouldn't be able to do research on medicine, It is safer for an animal to be tested on than a human also if testing on them was unreliable why is it still being done. . . . . . . . . . . Njinndn. Dnsd. D jnds. Jdnsnd. D jdj

  • They help lives

    They help lives they help lives and more and more blblablablablabla and help save human lives but i still love animals but not as much as myself and my family animals arew so cute im sorry but humans need more population if we dont test on human the chicken pox flu would not be solve


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  • Yes they shuld

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  • Find something else than an animal chief.

    I honestly think that and animal’s life is more valuable than a persons because animals don't get a choice, They don't get an opinion on the matter. Why should they have to be tortured? Honestly if you think that a humans life is more important than an innocent animals life than you have some serious life issues. Some animals that people think just aren’t important are very important to other animals. If we do this stuff and make a species go extinct then we all die because if you take something out of an animal’s food chain than whatever is on top of that falls down and collapses. This behavior is unacceptable. Animals have done nothing to hurt us. Imagine a little baby who is crawling around and playing with the family’s small puppy and they are best friends and they have so much fun together all the time. Would you really want to kill that dog in testing and make that small baby sad? If you do then you should honestly kill yourself because that is not right.

  • Animals have rights too and its also really unfair.

    I say no because it causes them pain, Harm, And suffering. What would you think or do if you were the animal being tested on? Animals have rights too not just us. Do you have any pets? What would you do if it were your pet being tested on? What would you think or do then?

  • It is totally unfair!

    Is a life of one human worth 100, 000 animal lives of course not😠😠! They cannot even say thier opinon WHY! Poor creatures suffer every single day WHY! They don’t know why are they in a lad or biding in so much pain it is not thier problem can you emagine getting your head injured than getting stitches to see if it is safe but doesn’t your life matter to them how CRUEL! 😠😢😠😤😭😫😖😩😣☹️😫

  • Animal testing is cruel!

    According to the non-profit National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), the Draize Test causes “extreme discomfort and pain” to the animals involved. In the eye version of the test, rabbits are placed in restraining stocks and their eyelids are held open with clips—in some cases for days at a time—to keep them from blinking away the test solutions.

    That's super cruel

  • THEY ARE GOING EXTINCT!! They are awesome!! Would you like to be tested? I THINK NOT!!!! POINT PROVEN

    ANIMALS SHOULDNT DIE! SEARCH UP ANIMAL TESTING IMAGES!! Animals ruleAnimals ruleAnimals ruleAnimals ruleAnimals ruleAnimals ruleAnimals rule. If you think animal testing is good then you are WRONG! You need to look in the mirror and think... Wow I’m a bad person because I don’t like animals😡😡😡 ok I need 4 more words...

  • No no no

    Animal tests cost way more than other alternative but working ways. An DNA synthesis test for animals cost 32,000 dollars however an computer modeling would cost only $11,000. Plus, it works and doesn’t waste any animal lives! According to ProCon.Org “ A rat phototoxicity test costs $29,600, while the corresponding in vitro tests cost $7, 200.”.

  • No animals should not be tested on

    Would you want to be tested on ? I think not so don't put animals threw the same thing cue that wrong plus what we going to have to eat if we keep killing infecting and testing animals. Think about what we do to deserve animals if we just going to kill them!!!

  • I say no

    With people testing on animals, slowly a percentage of species will be harmed.If they don't stop now things will get worse and plus the animals can't fight back but we can. They deserve a right to live like us. They are doing this for us but will we do it for them?

  • NOOO they shouldnt

    About 100,000-200,000 die a year from animal testing

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  • They should not

    I think they should not be tested on on because they are harmless and they are really the same as us but they cant think or speak as well as us plus what did they ever do to you . Think about that people who say yes to this cruel thing . !!

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