Should animals be used as objects of sport and entertainment?

  • They are animals

    They were made to be hunted and killed for our amusement don't have a smart enough brain to say what they want. When animals start to build cars then I will listen till then animals should always be hunted. God created them to be used for our benefits and I say we play with and then kill them

  • Yes, because animals are inferior to humans.

    In my opinion, animals are definitely inferior and less intelligent than humans. We eat animals, ride horses for recreation, make oxen plow the fields, and interbreed species (such as a lion and a tiger to get a liger) just because they attract visitors to zoos. So there is no reason they shouldn't be used as objects of sport and entertainment too.

    Posted by: FeIBuddy
  • Animals can be used for sport and entertainment if the value received is positive and the animals are not harmed.

    It is acceptable to use animals for sport or entertainment such as a rodeo, a fox hunt, or a horse race. In doing this people are entertained and animals are not harmed. If the animals are well treated, the value received by spectators is worth it. However, if animals are treated inhumanely, the ideal of treating all creatures well and not causing pain is more important.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • If humans can enjoy sports, why can't our animals?

    As a soccer player, I can tell that there is no better feeling than being out there on that field showing people what i can really do. It's my time to shine. Now, why can't a dog that's performing in a dog show, a horse that's about to begin it's race, or a dolphin that's doing flips and tricks feel the same excitement and thrill that I feel? After all, they're just like humans, feelings and goals. Next time you go to the circus, look at that man swallowing swords, that woman walking the tight and the clows parking the tiny car. do you think that they really hate doing what they do? They have a talent. I trick that they learned. All they is to show someone who will appreciate it. It's the same thing with animals. They know something that's fun for them and love it, otherwise they wouldn't do it, or die trying.
    Why should we take away there hobby and passion? I know I'd be miserable if someone took away my cleats but they didn't approve.

  • there is a reason why we do this

    These animals were put on this earth for their purposes. many of those animals have been bred for their skills. Most animals you see are happy to obey their owner, and love what they do. Why stop them from doing it because some people misjudge.

  • A lot of animals are bred to take part in sport

    Many animals that take part in sport are bred to do so. It is not as if you are throwing an unprepared animal into it. For example in horse racing the horses used are thoroughbreds. In bull fighting the animals used are specifically bred for the sport. Yes bull fighting could be considered nowadays as inhumane but it is part of a tradition in Spain and other countries and we should accept and respect that.

  • Ban animal entertainment

    Animals are like humans, they are living, it's like how would you feel if you were being captured and abused. Elephants and all kinds of animals are all being held captive against their will. Did you know that when female elephants give birth, that baby elephant gets taken away to be beaten and trained. There are many other sickening "sports" that people are doing right now, if you care about the life and extinction of animals, try and stop all the abusing and dying of animals

  • the people involved love animals and what they do

    The people that train the animals for sport care for the animals and are passionate about animals. animal cruelty is not a fear because the want the animal to acheive therefore keeping it healthy and the government has laws against animal cruelty. animals in sport is also entertaining

  • Hunting isnt actually that bad

    Hunting is often referred to as cruel and inhumane but that is not entirely true. Humans have been hunting animals as far back as humans have existed. Hunting is our core for survival, we hunt for food and other basics we need. How do you think our ancestors got their food? They would hunt for it, as simple as that. People have acknowledged that hunting is a part of history but in modern society we have merely crafted it into a sport and all of a sudden it is cruel. How do you think fancy restaurants will get their meats that aren’t necessarily farmed? They would hunt for it, deer meat, crocodile meat, and others are all delicacies of other races. Seeing that Australia is one of the world’s most multicultural nations how are we meant to supply food for those people without hunting for it. Getting rid of sports like hunting is simply unrealistic because we can’t just stop thousands of years of tradition from ourselves and simply ignore it because we “think” it is wrong.

  • If Its Safe

    I mean, yes if the animal's being abused its not OK but if its a healthy sport where there's room then yes its OK! And if its like, a zoo, then sometimes animals are put in there to save their lives not for our amusement. I think the argument could go both ways.

  • Animals should be free!

    I believe animals should be free and not used for anything other than love! I think that using animals for entertainment is wrong! Animals should be able to live in their natural habitat! Animals are usually abused through this "entertainment" process! Animals need love and freedom! They were made to be cared for! Not abused!

  • Unlike most humans animals don't have the same powers to say no

    As a higher functioning species we have the responsibility to protect other animals not explot them.

  • Animals are not inferior to humans. they are living creatures, and feel pain.

    Animals cannot convey their consent in the same way that we can. They were not meant to be used as entertainment for our pleasure, or be subjected to mistreatment. Things like racing and fighting are inhumane and cruel. The animals are raced until they can't anymore, and then euthanized. (unless things like greyhound rescues are in place) but even if they get out of the industry, that kind of trauma doesn't just disappear. Humans can go into counseling and actually talk about their issues and resolve them. The animals are put into a human construct where they are scared, confused, hungry and overworked. It doesn't seem right.

  • Animals, like children or adult humans, should not be used for sport or entertainment, because it's sick.

    I'm a vegetarian, so I probably don't need to state any more than that, but greyhound racing, fox hunting and other pursuits result in cruel and inhumane handling of the animals involved. Just because human beings learned to use tools and are bigger than some of these animals, doesn't give us the right to use them like objects - I don't think you would force a mountain lion to prance around for your pleasure. One only needs to look at the horribly fatal killer whale accident in Seaworld or request info from an animal charity to see how dangerous these practices are for both humans and animals. Just think how horrifying it would be to see a family pet being chained by the neck and forced to dance like a wild bear in Turkey, or if it was someone's child. Animals deserve to be treated with respect.

    Posted by: R053Neddy
  • I see no reason that animals should be used as objects of sport and entertainment because, often, it is cruel to the animals.

    I see no reason that animals should be used as objects of sport and entertainment. Bullfighting, for example, is a cruel and foul sport that basically tortures an animal. These animals have no choice in the matter, and I am sure the majority of them, given the option, would prefer to not partake in such cruel and harmful activities.

    Posted by: TickoCa22
  • Animals are obveisly dumber than us and weve evolved and they havent.

    animals of every species is smaller population than humans, and because weve got a bigger population there's lots of different people and because of that people have had looked at life with different ideas very differently changed the world and because of so many different people weve slowly but quickly evolved and were at the top of the food chain and weve controlled these 'animals'[even though sometimes humans act like animals] and ridden on, made to fight, or made to run. I'm saying that is where is their say. If the dogs, horses, or birds were smarter and above us in the food chain how would you like to be ridden and whipped, shot in the arm and left to die painfully and slowly, or made to run and shocked, you wouldn't like it would you.

  • animals have lifes to

    animals have lifes just like us so what if the picked up a gun or something and shot you who cares if it's fun or what not they have familys just like you and everyone esle and so nothing give you the right to be mean to anythink or anyone so would you do this to a human? no so why would you do it to animals

  • Animals in the wild should stay in the wild.

    All of these sports and circuses abuse the animals with whips and starve them to look like they want them to. Animals are innocent they shouldn't be treated like they are and abused. In bull fighting they literally killed the animals after they are done with them. When animals don't win races and do not succeed as much as the owner or trainer wants them to. They send them to smoke houses and the animals die.

  • Would you like to be forced to race?

    How would of you liked if you were one of the surviving siblings after the rest of your brothers or sisters weren't thought of as worthy so they were killed, then you're stuck in a kennel for most of your time if your not running and your taught that if you don't win then they'll basically disown you that's dog racing right there in black and white.

  • Too many animals are bred and killed for the purpose of racing

    Rebuttal- not many animals die from sports
    This is not true. First of all, racing companies need to get their animals from SOMEWHERE. So, they breed them. In America alone, 50,000 puppies are bred, around 6000 in Australia, and 30,000 more in other countries. Of these, only 30% are chosen to be raced. And what happens to the other ones? Well, if they don’t get adopted, they are shot. And most of them ARE shot. People just don’t adopt 200 puppies each every year. They same thing applies to horses.
    And the rates for horse adoption is even lower, because one horse can cost about $20 000. But life for the ones that ARE chosen to race isn’t any better. Other than just the competing dogs, hundreds of thousands of rabbits, guinea pigs and rats are used as LIVE bait to train the dogs, meaning that the rabbit is tied onto a tree or something, and is brutally ripped to pieces by the ferocious dogs. The dogs that aren’t vicious by nature, or after training, are starved until they have no choice but to go after the rabbits.
    And even if the dogs successfully bring in money for the trainers, after 3-4 years of competing, they get older, and slower. They’ve only lived a quarter of their life, but they are either shot, or sent to the pound, From there, if not adopted, they are put down. In Australia alone, 4800 dogs are sent to the pound after their career is over. And as I said before, not a lot of people want to adopt ferocious big dogs with lightning speed and jaws the size of your head. And that’s not all. Around 800 horses die in America alone on the race track. Imagine how many die as foals, and how many are killed after and during their career? A whopping grand total of around 5000 horses. They start training at around 2 years of age, when their bodies are under developed and hence more vulnerable to life-threatening injuries. To top that, the get more injured during the races. Trainers use painkillers like Lasix and Bute. These painkillers don’t heal the problem, they only numb it. And so, the horse’s injuries get worse and worse, until they can’t even walk. Then, they are sent to the slaughter houses in tiny cages, in unfit trailers, without even the comfort of painkillers. This cruelty happens LEGALLY in over 15 countries.

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