• I think it's a great idea

    If an animal can help as a rescuer, why shouldn't it be used in any military branch? We use animals in all sorts of ways now. Why not expand it to help even more? If a single animal can help save people, we should definitely use them as rescuers in any military branch.

  • Yes, animals should be used as rescuers by the military.

    Animals should be used as rescuers in any military branch because they have the ability to help save lives. Dogs have incredible power of smell and can tell when there are trapped victims who need help. So long as the animals are trained and treated humanely, them working to save lives is ethical to them and critical to those they rescue.

  • A dog will always find its way home.

    Animals have incredibly strong sensory skills compared to human capabilities. There are some cases, such as among seas, where a dogs advanced scent capabilities will not come in handy, but there are just as many situations that they would be handy in. This is never an option that should be overlooked.

  • Animals can be extraordinarily helpful.

    Intelligent animals like dogs that can be properly trained and cared for should be able to act as rescuers in the military. There are times when our animal friends actually have sensory abilities that are more expansive than those of a human. We may be able to save a lot of lives by putting animals to good use.

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