• Yes

    As long as the animal is not hurt in the process of experimenting than I feel that it is fine. If the animals are being harmed than it needs to stop. There are lots of things that we can find out though that would help save human lives if we do research on animals.

  • Yes, Animals Should Be Used for Experimentation

    Animals should be used for experimentation because the practices has, and always will, help to advance the progress of medical science. The advancement of medical science is a benefit to the entire human race. Indeed, it is heartbreaking to know that some animals will have to suffer to aid the human race, but the end justifies the means. All precautions should be taken to make sure that animal experimentation is as humane as possible, but it is a necessary evil.

  • Animals should be used for testing.

    While it is sad to think that there are millions of animals currently suffering because of experiments, one must remember why these experiments are being done.

    The argument is difficult, since it puts into question the value of a person versus an animal, as well as the idea of a person's or animal's right to volunteer. I think it would be fair to say that a person has more value than a small rat, or rabbit, or dog.
    Many people equate animals to having the same innocence as children, and this makes us empathetic to them, if a person had a choice between testing on a small child and testing on a small animal, one would hope that they would test on the animal.

    Without testing on animals, the amount of people who would be killed, disfigured, or hurt in some way would greatly increase. While a person can be made aware of the possible risks associated with a certain experiment, it would be unfair to allow a person to be damaged for the rest of their lives for some hypothesis that may or not be proven.
    By the use of animals, especially ones like rats, who give us the ability to study many generations in a short time and who have similar genetics to humans, we have been able to make giant leaps in medicine today. Without rats, many things like organ transplants or regrowth of a lost body part may not be as advanced as they are today.

  • Yes, animals should be used for experimentation.

    Yes, animals should be used for experimentation. Throughout history many advances in medicine have come from testing on animals some examples being antibiotics and HIV treatments. It the testing is working and animals are not dying in vain then there is no reason why animals should not continue being used for experimentation.

  • I think that using animals for experimentation is a good idea.

    I think that using animals for experimentation is a good
    idea. Human beings are far more
    important than animals. If one human
    being can be saved by the practice of using animals for testing purposes, then
    animal testing is a good practice. Any
    animals that die during testing die for a good reason.

  • We Greatly Benefit From Animal Testing

    I believe animal experimentation should be used because we, as humans, greatly benefit from it. Because we test things like pharmaceuticals on animals first, we have saved countless human lives. I think we are far better doing initial tests on animals, rather than humans. Animals help ensure the safety of humans.

  • Yes, animals should be used for experimentation.

    The reason i believe that animals should be included in animal testing is truly the most simple and obvious reasons that i can see. My reason is that if animals were not used in experimentation or testing then we would be releasing vet's that haven't been properly trained into the workforce and allowing them to test on peoples pets without knowing what ot do.

  • No; animals should not be used for experimentation. Have you ever thought about how many animals die from experimentation? Think about it.

    Let us say that we trade places and become animals, how would you like to be treated? Put in the freezer to die or be dissected while you are alive? Sure we have double standards. I say live and let live. I say treat animals the way you want to be treated.

  • No animals should not be experimented on.

    How would you like it if a scientist came up to you and put a needle in you eye or you ear and said "Does that hurt?" or "how does this feel?" That is what they do to animals. Jeremy Bentham says "The question is not "can they reason?" nor "can they talk?" but "can they suffer?" I agree with him all the way. DO NOT take advantage of the kind nature of dogs, cats, rabbits, or any other animal they test on.

  • Animals should be used for experimentation.

    If animals can be used in a humane and reasonable way for medical testing, this can be ethical. Although animals should not be abused, medical testing can be seen in the same light as human consumption of livestock for food. Animals can die for the well being of humans because it is natural.

  • No,animals should not be used foe experimentation.

    No,animals should not be used for experimentation.It's almost impossible to know exactly how much pain an animal goes through so in order to avoid the guilt associated with the suffering of creatures it would just be better to eliminate animal testing altogether and just find some other way to get needed information.

  • No, animals should not be used for experimentation.

    No, animals should not be used for experimentation. There are a lot of experiments being done where we harm animals or paralyze them for the rest of their life. I feel we should find a new way to experiment without the need of hurting our animals. This should have been done away with a long time ago. Most of the time, we do not gain anything from doing tests on our animals.

  • No, animals should not be used for experimentation

    I don't believe it is ethically sound to use another being's life in the interest of a human's life. I have been in college research facilities and seen the abuses that these animals suffer and all too frequently for shallow reasons. For example, doctoral candidates repeat experiments that have already been done and with obvious conclusions just in the interest of their thesis. Baby monkeys are sealed in isolation cubes away from all physical contact in order to determine how that affects their brain development. That seems to me obvious. Until we realize that animals do have a right to life and freedom from suffering we will continue to justify our own use of them for our own purposes. Human beings should not place their own interests above those of other species.

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Anonymous says2013-03-08T18:20:56.560
I think some cows can be used for experiment because a lot of people uses it to get meat from them!!!