• Yes, animals should always be used for expeiments.

    Scientific experiments are necessary for the survival of our species. Most people probably think nothing of eating a hamburger or swatting a mosquito, but experiments are cruel? Experimenting on animals has led to some of the best scientific breakthroughs of our current age. Most of us have lost family and friends to medical conditions such as cancer. These creatures make a sacrifice, but I do not see any people volunteering to replace them as test subjects.

  • Yes.

    Animals should definitely be used for experiments. If we look at the big picture, what has more value, a human life or an animal life?
    Experiments don't have to necessarily mean harmful medical experiments, either. Experiments to figure out animal intellect, how animals respond to certain stimuli, and observation of their behaviors are perfectly legitimate experiments.
    In the end, though, it isn't feasible trying to find large enough groups of people who are willing to undergo dangerous experiments that may end in permanent disfigurement or death. Without animals, science would have a very limited number of subjects to work with. Plus, I can imagine the number of lawsuits would skyrocket.

  • Personally I'm neutral on this subject, but for things like diseases and viruses that make people sick, I say yes.

    However, we can test cures/medicine on animals that we have given the disease or virus and test the cure/medicine that scientists have created and find out if the cure/medicine worked, didn't do anything, or made it worse. If the results are positive (the cure/medicine worked and the animal isn't sick anymore) that cure/medicine can go into production and be used by medical personnel (doctors, nurses, etc.) around the world and cure diseases and viruses such as cancer, the common cold, etc.

  • Animals should be used

    I mean think about it. Say we don't use animals, what would we would we test on. Humans? Would you volunteer or even for money, for scientist to test on you? No, you wouldn't. Say instead of animals, babies are used, would you want your baby to be experimented on? No, you wouldn't. Say, your dad has cancer, there's no animals to test on, and no humans volunteered, so scientists couldn't find a cure. Would you want that? No, you wouldn't. And how about hamburgers, or hot dogs, or steaks, if you don't want to test on animals, isn't eating them the same thing as killing them. For girls, your hairsprays , and or chemical products, they were tested on animals. Would you give up your hair products? I bet 3/4 the girls would say no.

  • Yes they should be used

    Testing is usually done on rodents.It is done so because rodents have the the ability to reproduce more faster than humans.We think is cruel to test on animals,but what happens when we eat meat?Where the cruelty go?If one rabbit is killed then millions of people are saved.Think for yourselves,if you have a injured human baby and a injured rabbit baby,whom would you save/

  • Animals should be used in experiments

    It is universally acknowledged that animals play an indispensable role in the scientific research at the cost of sacrificing their own lives. Animals are used in experiments because we can’t use humans. Animals should not be regarded to be at the same position as humans. The laws in humans’ world offer us a guarantee that each person has the right of not being hurt, if the application is also suitable in animals’ world, of course scientists should not be allowed to use animals in the experiments, however, if we want to protect the animals’ rights of not being hurt, in essence, we had already broke the laws of the nature, in accordance with this logic, wild animals should not be allowed to capture and hurt other animals as their food, thus how could provide food for them? It is conceivable that animals do not have senses of duties unlike people, so they should not have the same as humans. If you say you should not use animals just because they get hurt, then you should not use them as food too. These days everyone use many animals for food. We can survive by only eating vegetables. In fact we will be more healthy if we only eat vegetables. So if we can kill animals for such useless things then why can’t we use them for meaningful experiments? Based on this, although using animals for scientific experiments, such kind of action should not be criticized, at least from animal rights angle because the definition of human rights and animals are different. Unlike mistreating animals, the use of scientific research has a more meaningful and essential purpose. Another aspect I want to complement is that animals are not only play the roles of victims of the experiment , in fact, their contribution are not unrequited. Diseases not only pose a great threat to the human-beings, but also invade the bodies of the animals. If scientists succeed in working out the remedy by experiments, animals will survive as well as people with the help of the medicine. It is also significant to the future generations of animals . In many cases, humans use technology to help animals live better.

  • Thanks animals we are here

    Forty reasons why we need animals in research

    These points have been drawn up to provide an accessible resource for anybody discussing animals in research. We are happy to take your suggestions to add to our list.

    General points
    •Animal research has played a vital part in nearly every medical breakthrough over the last decade.
    •Nearly every Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine since 1901 has relied on animal data for their research.
    •We share 95% of our genes with a mouse, making them an effective model for the human body.
    •Animals and humans are very similar; we have the same organ systems performing the same tasks in more or less the same way.
    •Animals suffer from similar diseases to humans including cancers, TB, flu and asthma.
    •All veterinary research has relied on the use of animal research.
    •While non-animal methods play an important part of biomedical research, they cannot replace all use of animals.
    •In vitro methods and computer modelling play an important part complementing data from animal models.
    •Many veterinary medicines are the same as those used for human patients: examples include antibiotics, pain killers and tranquillisers.
    •Modern anaesthetics, the tetanus vaccine, penicillin and insulin all relied on animal research in their development.
    •Modern surgical techniques including hip replacement surgery, kidney transplants, heart transplants and blood transfusions were all perfected in animals.
    •Scanning techniques including CT and MRI were developed using non-human animals.

  • Animals should be used for testing

    Animals should be used for testing because they play a meaningful role in scientific research and much more. They do not have the ability of humans and if you say that is horrible and dishonest then think: YOU eat meat too. If you eat meat to live then why not to save human lives? The moment you bite into your steak, think. You are doing this too, you are also killing. Testing is just another way to save human lives! That is why I think animal should be used for testing.

  • They should be used

    Animals should be used because its important we know that it is safe to used differnet medicene and other stuff that we are not sure will be right for humans. Also its only testing so it not like the animal is going to die during the process of it being testing that is why they should be used for experiments.

  • Yes They Should

    We can't test drugs and experiments on humans so we have to test them on animals. I think society should be allowed to test drugs on animals if it could save human lives and it is done in a humane way. That is why we need to test drugs and experiments on animals.

  • They should be used

    Although animals appear to be very different from us, their
    bodies work in many of the same ways ours do. Researchers
    who study animals discover information that can’t be learned
    from other sources.
    Biomedical research saves lives. Research using animals improves
    the lives of millions of people each year by giving doctors clues to
    prevent, treat, and cure illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and AIDS.
    New drugs and treatments for diseases are tested on animals
    to make sure they are safe for people to use.
    Because of biomedical research we have:
    • heart by-pass and other life-saving surgeries
    • organ transplantation
    • vaccines to prevent childhood diseases
    • many other treatments and cures for diseases.

  • No no no

    These People Are Out Of Their Minds!!!! They are gone mad .Why are people using animals for experiments ? These people (scientist) have no heart for animals . Instead of using poor helpless animals , go use food or people that want to be tested . Animals are creations of god that DON'T deserve to die because of people doing random tests on them ! These animals don't deserve to have machines or "medication" put into them ! They are fine just how they are ! I understand that there need to be more medication and treatments done for people with disorders or disease . But in this year "2014" there is a lot of new technology and different other ways to test things !

  • Dogs used experiments

    Animals, cats, monkeys are not at all same genetic make up like humans. Using animals that cannot talk about their symptoms is cruel and inhuman. Let's use Scientists and Doctors for experiments because they can talk and tell us their symptoms and they are just like us. Since they like to use experiments let them be the ones to experiment on.

  • We the people Say No

    Why do people want to be cruel to something that cant speak! Well here i am i speak for the animals. Have you seen the movie lorax He speaks for the trees. If you have ever had a animal let me test on him how would you feel horrible so stop this! Find someone your own size to bully

  • Animals should not be tested

    How would you like it if aliens came down to earth and forced you to be tested until you die. Its sieriesly not right. We do not need animals to be tested. If we need statistics so bad we should be testing ourselves. Its not ok to kill animals. Statistics is not a need!

  • No. The tests are unreliable, and there are more options available besides vivisection.

    It is unreliable. THE ANATOMY OF AN ANIMAL ID DIFFERENT FROM OURS.. For example, rats, the most used animal for experiments with cancer, do not even get the same type of cancer as us. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 92 out of 100 drugs that passed animal tests failed in humans. Look at how many things were invented or discovered without animal testing: a cure for scurvy, vaccines, and penicillin were all made with out animal testing. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES.. Scientists are already using human skin tissues, which are much more accurate. Blood samples, DNA testing. If we want to better ourselves as a species, we cannot use another species to suffer for our own betterment. We cannot look upon animals as our test subjects; we have absolutely no right to use them, to make them suffer in pain. The answer is no.

  • These People Are Out Of Their Minds!!!!

    Why are people using animals for experiments ? These people (scientist) have no heart for animals . Instead of using poor helpless animals , go use food or people that want to be tested . Animals are creations of god that DON'T deserve to die because of people doing random tests on them ! These animals don't deserve to have machines or "medication" put into them ! They are fine just how they are ! I understand that there need to be more medication and treatments done for people with disorders or disease . But in this year "2014" there is a lot of new technology and different other ways to test things !

  • Animals should not be used for the experiments.

    They should not be used because if they are than we would not be able to have pets because if it kills them they may go endangered or extinct and that would not be good so that is why the animals should not be used. So thank you for creating this topic.

  • Really bad idea

    They have feelings too just like us humans do so they shouldn't cause we also like to have them as pets and best friends. They are also harmless and innocent, they need to take what they do to animals more serious and what they need to stop posting cruel videos.

  • Well pets are to have as your buddy not your experiment

    Pets are yours to keep not to use for your experiments, as well as any other animals your pets are your friends not science buddy. Pets have chemicals inside and if you put a needle through them then put in you, you can be failed that is not good for your body. Don't anyone have respect for animals?

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