Should animals be used for Scientific Experiments?

Asked by: Mizore
  • Take Your Pick

    In order to make advances in medicine you have to try it. With that being said take a pick: Death of humans or death to other animals. If you don't want this method to be used then don't get mad when a family member dies because we don't have the medecine we need. How do you think they have cured all of these diseases...They tried them on animals...Many animals, and if they worked and were approved they were put on the market.

  • Feelings do not = a good reason

    Look i feel bad and i wish there was a different way but frankly there isn't. We need information on possible medical technology and vaccines. Animals aren't going to space and animals aren't worried about the state of our planet in 200 years. We have things we need to get done. And we have to use and abuse other species in order to accomplish our scientific endeavors than it is a sacrifice i'm willing to take, from a moral standpoint.

  • No we shouldnt

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  • Yes we should

    Humans are the dominate race, we shud b able to do wht we whant. If animals dont like it, why dont they tells us that. I thinck all animals steal 02 from us, greedy lousers should die. Thats why we hunt. Dint like it cry in your couner cry baby

  • Whatever is good for people is moral

    Animals are important in many research areas (biology and medicine immediately come to my mind. There can be others). Human's life is invaluable. If using an animal for a medical experiment can save people, it is not permissible, it is morally obligatory to do it. Animals are just tools for the development of our civilization. We can do whatever we want with them.

  • I definately think animals should not be used for science experimemts

    This is just simply cruel, put yourself in there position, can you imagine the pain. However you may ask, if we don't use animals for science experiments, what will we use. I say we use humans, humans that have done stuff, like prisoners. At least they deserve to suffer. Besides using animals for science experiments is not always accurate.

  • There are Other Ways

    Not only is animal experimentation cruel and inhumane, but in most modern cases, it is not even necessary. Now in days, a test tube and some cells can provide just as valid (if not even more valid) results as a monkey, or a rat.

    Anyone who thinks animal experimentation is okay needs to look up "Silver Spring Monkeys" and see just how inhumane animal experimentation can get.

  • It's so wrong to do this.

    The experiments would kill the animals. In the experiments they mostly do force feeding, forced inhalation, and contain infliction of burns and other wounds, they do this to see the healing process by killing the animals by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck-breaking, decapitation, or other means. For these reasons, animals shouldn't be used for experiments.

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  • Love conquers all

    We already hunt and farm for survival. They belong on this Earth just as much as we do. We humans are so, so selfish that it will be and is our downfall. This is coming from a redneck who also is from generations of farming. I support hunting and farming because they are normally quick kills that are at least humane. Testing chemicals on animals is not humane, in the least. There are horrible human beings out there. Test the new medicines and chemicals on them. In the end it is not my call. Nor would I want it to be. God made us all. We have forgotten that and now are at a critical point in our lives where we are killing and ruining everything. Where is the beauty and love in life anymore? Love each other. Enjoy Mother Nature. One day, could be anytime, we too will be the dust that makes up our ground. Peace be to all and God Bless.

  • Kills Innocent Beings

    People really should stop seeing themselves as the best and most important beings in the world. There are countless people who have done wrong in this world but we still use innocent animals. Other animals have emotions and a will to live. It is immoral to do what we are currently doing.

  • This is not write!

    What if you were the animal getting dangerous tests getting tested on! Animals are people to. Its sad hat lots of animals die because of dumb science experiments. People make organisations to save animals while people are using them to do science experiments. Please stop using them for scientific experiments.

    Your friend 9 years old Krish mathrani

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