• Hey We Have To Do This For Our Health..

    For human-beings health, we have to do that, right? None of us want to do that but we need to do that and we HAVE to do. For the medicine, for the develop of human, and etc.
    How many of you (the negatives) have never take medicine? I believe no or just a few. We need to do that FOR OUR HEALTH !!

  • Are you kidding me?

    How is this even debatable if you think about it, REALLY think about it, not just look at an animal and think about how cute and precious that animal is. It's not even a debate, who would trade the life of a sibling or friend for that of an animal? It's not worth it, I love animals but for obvious reasons the life of a human is of higher value, it's a cruel thing to say but its true and everybody knows it, humans have astronomical potential, where as even though animals have feelings and it hurts them, its a low price to pay for the things they are providing.

  • Unfortunately, we don't have much of an alternative

    Dont get me wrong here! I'm all for animal rights! I'm the kind of person who watches her feet when she walks as to not step on a snail or insect or worm, etc. However, it would be even more inhumane than it is now to use humans as test subjects in laboratories. These animals allow us to develop cures for diseases or other medical issues we have. I think it's worth it.

  • It is not as wrong as research on humans.

    Okay, say scientists discovered a new pill to cure cancer patients. They would test it on mice and rats because they practically have the same set of genes as we humans do. So of course, this would give them accurate results. If it kills them, then they know not to use it on the cancer patients. I love animals and all, but I'd rather do tests on animals like rats and let them die than to give like 1000 patients with a disease a defective pill and not knowing what the outcome may be.

  • What would happen if we didn't?

    If we didn't use animals in scientific research then what would happen to us, are we suppose to just let the viruses fly free, and get anyone or anything they want and not do anything about it? We should use animals because it would mean that life could go on living, there would be no one dieing because we chose to keep the life of humans going on.

  • What other choice do we have?

    If it weren't for testing on animals then I don't see any other way we could possibly test out medical results. It is not humane to test on humans, so our only alternative is t test on animals. What's worth more, a family of rats with short life span and fast reproduction or humans that are dear. Animal testing is the best possible solution to test cures for cancer, diseases and medical conditions. Sure one the other hand of course none f us would want to be tested on so why animals? Well most scientific research on animals is done to make sure the animals don't feel immense pain. If you had cancer and the only way to test a either life saving or life taking medical treatment was either on humans or animals I'm pretty damn sure you would chose to test it on animals? Would you sacrifice one life to save a million more?

  • Do you want to die? I think not.

    Animals such as rats and mice are the most common animals to be tested on. If it weren't for the supposed "pain" they go through, our human population would cease to survive. The diseases that humans are exposed to could become fatal if it weren't for the testing on animals. Due to the fact that it is immoral and socially unacceptable to test on humans, animals are the only other alternative to death. Animals repopulate much more rapidly than humans so the number of rats can be replenished on a much faster pace. So it is without a doubt beneficial to have testing done on an animal rather than test on a human or even death.

  • I say no

    I say no. This isn't fair to them either like if it was done to humans, it wouldn't be fair. Shelters may offer information on behavioral advice, low-cost veterinary care, behavior classes and dog training to reduce the number of animals surrendered due to avoidable issues
    Besides off-site adoption program partnerships, shelters may also partner with veterinarians, veterinary and local businesses for funding, in-kind donations and sponsorships.

  • We could never be as successfully medically without animal research.

    Doing research with animals is necessary for the advances in science and medicine. Rodents, the most commonly used research animal can reproduce in quickly, are small so housed easily, and have a short lifespan. We could not have the same results in humans because we cannot control their environment for their full lives as we can research animals.

  • Without it we would be suffering many problems.

    Fewer animals are being used. All the health benefits that we have to look forward to come from animal research. The smallpox vaccine would never have been found without animal research. Cancer solutions are being found. The animals only experience minimal pain. Not only do humans benefits from animal research, but it also benefits veterinary medicine. We all have something to gain from animal research.

  • Animals deserve to not be in pain.

    Animals deserve to live their life freely.
    Here are my reasons:
    1. They didn't do anything to you.
    2. Humans can find more things to test on.
    3. They have nothing in common with us.
    4. Why put them in pain when they didn't put us in pain? Its our fault that we get sick.
    5, They don't hurt us when they get sick.
    6. God created animals for a reason.

  • Animals should not be used for scientific research.

    Animals have feelings just like humans. How would you feel if you got pricked by needles everyday? I understand that animals help us get better medicine but we can think of other things to use than hurting animals. Look into the eyes of one of your pets. What do you see? Trust. They trust in you that you will care for them and not hurt them. Imagine if you were in a lab with people you don't know and you don't know what they are going to do to you. I think humans should find other ways to figure science things out other than using and hurting animals. Animals have done nothing wrong to us and they deserve to be respected. I would never hurt an animal and the people who say yes should reconsider their opinion and think about the poor animals who have done nothing wrong to hurt us. I am against hurting animals for science. Animals deserve to not be hurt and not be killed. Just remember they haven't done anything to you and you shouldn't do anything to them.

  • Animals should not be used for research

    Testing products for humans on animals never works because we are not animals, close is not good enough. What better way to find out if things effect humans is testing it on humans. Use people who are in prison for life. I'm so sick of people sticking up for their "rights" they have no rights, and nobody wants to pay for them to be alive. It is a waste of our money. And even still there is no correct way to test anything because everyone is different. It makes me mad that animals have to die because of things we need. Maybe if everyone would take better care of themselves then the need to test new medications everyday would not need to happen. Like for example people with diabetes, 90% of the time it is their own faults for being a diabetic because they didn't take care of themselves properly but now because pigs are killed so they can have insulin they all of a sudden care about their health, well guess what? I don't buy it. Most of the time it is people who cause their own health problems therefore they should have to be tested on for medications they are going to need to take basically for the rest of their lives. Oh but wait I forgot they can talk so I guess that makes them special. Why is it that animals are used for testing? Because they cant tell you they don't want to be injected with diseases and cut open? So you're pretty much telling me that a person who can no longer speak for themselves like someone in a veggie state should be tested on? That's pretty much what I'm getting out of it. What happened to everything is equal they still breathe and they have emotions. I don't really see the difference only that animals are much cuter than most people. And for the people that can actually test on the animals they are monsters and they should be tested on. Also I hope they are not "religious people" because they are definitely not going to be accepted into the pearly white gates. Because killing an animal is still considered murder and there is no forgiveness for that.

  • Animals are meant to be left alone

    Animals are nothing like us. Besides why should they be tested on when they cant even stand up and speak for themselves. Scientists are only torturing them by putting them through this process of tests and needles and everything else. Point is that if you want to test something test it on yourself.

  • They don't have our body parts

    They don't have the same body parts as humans which means even if they use them for testing it is not going to be genetically correct.So what is the use plus animals never did anything to us humans so hy should we bother to do anything to them.They live in their world we live in ours.

  • It is cruel and inhumane... Period...

    Why should God's innocent animals who have been put on this earth for our pleasure and also to live on this Planet just we have the right to do, so do they. Why should they be taken from their families and comfort zones to for scientific research. Find Human volunteers then...?! If you can find human volunteers who can speak and would be able to say, "yes I am available for this testing at a price"... They have given consent. It is cruel to take an innocent animal which cannot speak for itself and then put it through all that suffering... Disgusting. People who do that should be ashamed of themselves. I'd like to run those tests on those humans, see how they like it?

  • Animals Should Not Be Used For Scientific Research.

    They don't even get a say. Are you really going to support putting eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara on animals? That is just sick. It is horrible think about a scientist taking your pet and putting makeup on your poor animal. I just hope you never say that animals should be used for scientific research.

  • They need freedom

    Just because animals are in the pound doesn't mean they should be used for something human beings use. Animals are different from us so they could get hurt if something is in the product that has never been animal testing whoever said yes to this is cruel to animals you suck

  • Definitely no, they don't deserve dying

    Why should animals die because of us? That's cruel, animals suffer as well as us. Modern techniques should be implemented in order to avoid harming innocent animals. It's not a question of surviving nor development, it's a question of humanity and having feelings. People who like killing animals in these experiments should go to a psychologist for treating himself/herself. They must be aware animals were not created for killing them. STOP ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS!

  • That is hurtful and not necessary!

    I strongly believe animal testing should be outlawed. It is true that animal testing saves millions of lives every year, but this results in either a drug or a new form of surgery animals have to go through WITHOUT anesthesia. I believe that an innocent animal life is wasted this way.

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Anonymous says2013-03-14T18:54:34.853
Animals should be tested
Anonymous says2013-03-20T00:26:37.173
no they should not be they have feelings like us a heart
Anonymous says2013-03-26T08:34:43.290
Animals are just like humans
Anonymous says2013-05-06T17:31:29.817
Animals should be tested because it benefits us and them
Anonymous says2013-09-03T22:16:27.857
Animals have the right to say if they want tested on or not ;)