Should animals be used for tests or scientific experiments?

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  • We shouldn't be barbarians

    "Hey, I'm just going to go kill that deer over there so we can test the latest facial body cream product to see if it works! " This is our world now. Yes, It may sound like I exaggerated, But I really didn't. Mankind, And by mankind I don't just mean men, Don't deserve a planet as wonderful as Earth, Because we are barbarians, And we are ruthless.

  • Do we really need animals for our health?

    The answer is no as we can use prisoner to replace animal why will we waste food and other resource for the prisoner sake. We should use prisoner for testing and experiment it will be more reliable than using animal. Animal are dying while human are thriving thus less animal more human

  • Do we really need animals for our health?

    Some people say we should use animals but some say we shouldn't what else can be done to test new experiments have any ideas or shall we continue to test animals since that seems to be the only way to keep human health? Write your reasons and give examples to support your ideas.

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