• Um wtf lol

    If testing drugs on rats that live less then two years anyway is what we need to do to save millions of human lives from a specific problem then were damn well going to do it, Cons argument is a hypocritical fallacy and would result in millions of deaths world wide if implemented.

  • I love testing on animals

    I once gave my pet gerbil some crack and he spun around his wheel so fast he passed out. He is still sleeping to this day but I have figured out from my experiment that crack makes gerbils really hyper and then they take a nap. I wouldn't have had a sucessful experiment if I couldn't test on animals so obviously yes

  • We often forget that the true nature of testing is to solve a problem, Not to take away life.

    I am not saying cruelty toward animals in laboratory testing situations and mass farms does not occur, Because it obviously does. What I am saying is that in concept, Scientific testing is designed to overcome a problem, Rather than to create one for the subjects of the test. When lab mice are given a solution containing a certain product containing a possibly carcinogenic substance, When or if they develop cancer is morally permissible because 1: there are safe and effective methods of euthanasia available in the event the animal is effectively unable to return to its normal life, And 2: the results of that test may significantly lessen the suffering of other creatures, Be it humans or members of the animal's own species. This is all to say that one must ask what the motivation behind the act is. If, In fact, The event is one born solely from self interest or lack of regard for living things, Then it is safe to say the act is unlikely to either be moral or produce moral results. I, However, It is born of an intrinsic compassion for living things and a desire to see them flourish, Then it is safe to say that within reason, Moral order is upheld.

  • Ummm no?

    I use animal testing ALL the TIME when i develope my crack formulas. I also test new mugging strats on animals, For exmaple, I found that saying, "buh duh wee" decreases the time to rob(ttr) for both rats and humans(human trial came after rat trial). I need animals to get tehse findings

  • Seriously? Animals in Labs?

    Animals of all known species should never be used in laboratories or any other unethical experiments, Where the animals will sadly suffer. Pets belong with people while wild animals (depending if they're from the wild or in captivity) belong to humane caring zoos/safari parks and in the wild as well, But never laboratories.

  • Never do anything to an animal you wouldn't do to a human.

    One can argue all they want about the "benefits of animal testing" when in reality if it's just an ok to do to an animal it's just and ok to do to a human and it's not just and ok to do to a human. We are all animals. They are just as much entitled to equal treatment as humans.

  • Using animals in labs

    Animals deserve to live no matter what. People shouldn't feel entitled to risk animals lives for the sake of scientific research. Scientist should look for alternative ways to test products. It is not ethical to capture animals and take their freedom away. Therefore, It should be illegal to use animals in labs.

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