• We should use them

    If we don't use animals to research about new products humans have a great chance of getting a sickness. This is also a less expensive way to test products. If we didn't use animals we would have to use senthetic skin and hair to see if it reacts to the skin but if we need to see full body effects we have to do a lot more. In conclusion it is cheaper and safer to use animals for research.

  • Animals are gods creatures

    Animals should not be used in drug development medical research because like humans they also have feelings. Just like humans animals are gods creatures.We should not hurt them in any way. In my opinion hurting animals is a crime. We should not kill animals in order to save human lives .

  • We do not want to die

    Animals are our hope to live. If we dont use them, there wont be kpops and Jungkook and Suga and EXO and BLACKPINK and GOT7 and the lengendary BIGBANG!!! TWICE AND SEVENTEEN AND STRAY KID AND SNSD AND REDVELVET AND V AND IU AND HANI AND EXID AND MISS A

  • Animals should be used

    Most people are against animal use in research, one of the main cause of disagreement is because they are worried that the availibility of meat will become less. We don't need meat to survive. I as as a vegetarian have been living without meat. But scienctists and researchers are using animals to find cures for human beings. Suprizingly these experiments have been benefical to the tested animals as it has cured their diseases while testing.

  • Its not morally but rationally.

    Of course with this use we disregard animals rights and if you care about animals you do so for human beings but for a second imagine the person you really love like your mother, your friend or ... Is suffering from a fatal disease which can cure by using animals in researches, then do you still believe scientists shouldn't do this?

  • Yes they should be used

    First of all, there are no other resources for medical research. Secondly, even if we use the animals to do some researches, the animals may not die. Finally and most importantly, animals should be used for medical research if it can save people’s life.

    Animals are the only resources for scientist to do medical research, because animals’ body system just like human beings in some ways. First of all, we cannot use alive or dead people for medical research. It is totally immoral and unacceptable. It is ridiculous to do some research on an individual. Moreover, animals have basically the same body system as we have. We can use animals to text the results of a particular new medicine. Also, using animals is the only way to do medical research; at least currently it is impossible to try a new medicine, which is going to be use on a human being, on plants or rocks. In conclusion, we have to use animals for medical research because there is no other alternative.

  • Do you wanna die?

    If you don't want scientist to use them animals to make the medicines which you use then you should go out there when you're on the bed of death and let them test it on you till they actually find a medicine, thats if you weren't dead by then after all that time being wasted

  • Yes they should be!

    Animals should be used for research. Today's society is evolving and we need to change are ideas with it as well. Going by the emotional point of view we feel that animals should not be used but then going by the practical way, it tells us to use animals for research. We need to do this to make this place a better place to live. There are so many diseases that our body cannot handle, at the same time these are the diseases that animals can handle. We are just using them to save our society and nothing more. Animals are mainly being used for biological purposes and no irrational cause. Well agreed that animals should not be used for research, then what happens next? Think about the time it will take to find new cures, and also it will put millions of lives under danger just because excess of time was taken to find a cure for their illness. Science is not only thinking about humans at the moment but also about animals by artificially producing better species without causing them pain just for their betterment.And animals being used for research is always not gross and it can be carried out without causing them any pain.

  • Yes use animals

    For all the people that say no how about we ask you, how about you do? You all would be too scared and say let the animas do it! So how about you all be quiet ok? You all would be to scared to do it so be quiet ok?

  • This was put together by 3 11 year olds

    Humans are a superior species therefore until we develop a more effecient way of testing medecines animals must be used. Household cats kill approximately 5 million animals every week – more than the total number of animals used in medical research every year. So wooohooo go humans. :) :) :)

  • Animals are not toys

    If animals are used in researchs than humans should also be used and how govt have given permission to use them even a mosquito should not be used in experiments and if u are making mosquitos die then you are a hunter so stop using animals and have some feelings to cute and beautiful natural animals

  • I think not.

    I think that animals should have some sort of right in the world. I'm sure if you were a rabbit you wouldn't want some creepy medical doctor trapping you to do a bunch of tests on you that might result in death. I mean, yeah it's better to do tests and medical research on humans than on animals, but a different solution would be better.

  • It is against the law of nature. .

    Using animals for medical purposes is the first step to deplete the environment. No human being has the right to harm other living organisms. This must be highlited as a punishable offense. Though it may be useful for other purposes it is not good for the environment.
    Thus, I strongly do not support this.

  • Animals have lives to

    Animals should not be used in medical research because the animals live in poor conditions.The Animals are in deprivation, isolation, and misery and are shoved in small wire cages with no toys or even blankets. They are fed with a poisoned food which makes their tongues swell up making it hard to breathe. These animals are not able to make choices or express their natural behaviors.

    Just imagine your animal being abused for no reason at all. Well in these medical testings, animals are forced to be shocked, burned, poisoned, starved, drowned, addicted to drugs, and brain damaged. Mice grow tumors as large as their own bodies, kittens are purposely blinded, rats are forced to suffer seizures, and monkeys skulls are cut open and electrodes are implanted in them. Animals are being abused due to testings over and over again with the same drugs.Often animals see other animals killed right in front of them and are scared when a person walks by their cage.

    Millions of animals suffer and die in the U.S. due to cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic testings. Monkeys are decapitated and get their spines broken for no reason at all. The quote “ Mice are mice, and people are people. If we look to the mouse to model every aspect of the disease for man, and to model cures, we’re just wasting our time.” -Dr. Clifton E. Barry has a meaning that animals react to medical testings differently than a human does. People used these animals for testings that might not even be accurate so why do it?

    Animals should not be used in medical research because the animals live in poor conditions, are abused, and killed inhumanely. Animals should not be tested because they are not the same as humans and won’t have a chance to even live.

  • I am against this

    I actually believe that animals should not be tested because they are not the same as humans and won’t have a chance to even live. It would be unfair and I think that the people who want animals to be tested with medicine should be tested. I support the animals.

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  • No, they should not

    You can think if you are the mouse that is used in medical research, how will u feel? Animals are also a life, they feel pain. Why do we have the right to take away the life of others? If anyone take away your life for medical research, how will you think? So, if the doctor said that they want to have medical research, just use their own body to do the horrible and terrible medical research. Then they can feel how much pain it is.

    HAVE A NICE DAY! (^_^)

  • I think no

    Because we were infect animals, so when you used the animals you cd think that you are killing yourkind. The animals help us live and have joy, and have more food. So they should have respect from us. Don't you know that the animals is very helpless when we hold on them? Well they could not do anything. So NO!

  • Animals need respect

    They are living breathing animals like us we need to notice that and stop testing and killing them.... And they have rights don't they deserve to live a full life and live other than being trapped in a cage and possibly never come out even if we think they are disgusting we need to cherish all of them

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