• Something needs to be used

    As unfortunate and cruel as this may sound, yes I do think animals should be used in psychological testing. The bottom line, most of this testing is harmless to the animal, and needs to be done to living/breathing creatures. This may and most likely does upset people, but it's a fact of life.

  • Using animals in psychological testing is not as harmful as clinical testing.

    Although animal testing should be avoided at all costs, using animals for psychological testing can be a good way to test mental health theories prior to applying them to humans. Psychological testing is also considerably less harmful to animals than clinical testing, which is sometimes deadly. It is also much less likely that animals will suffer long-term damage as a result of psychological testing.

  • Yes, they give good indicators.

    Yes, animals should be used in psychological testing, because they often have very complex emotions. Most animals are extremely intelligent, and can give good signs as to how a human might react in a similar situation. They can help us understand psychological behavior. This can save painful testing on humans for the same results.

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  • Harm can come to them with this kind of testing.

    Animals should not be used in psychological testing. This is because harm can come to them. For example, trying to test the harmfulness of extreme sound waves can cause animals distress just as they do in humans. In addition, we are put on earth to help protect animals, so this would violate that.

  • No, animals should not be used for psychological testing.

    I do not think that it would be right to use animals for psychological testing. I think that such a thing would be a great injustice and violation of animal rights. I do not see how such testing would benefits human being in any way. I think that such a thing should be banned.

  • Animals should not be used in psychological testing

    Animals should not be used in psychological testing as their psychological response is often very distant from what would be expected from a human. Any animal that cannot make an educated choice to undergo a test should not be put through a test. Just because a researcher is curious to see what would happen if you "x" to "y" it shouldn't make it okay to do just because the subject is an animal.

  • They should be doing this

    Animals should not be tesed because animals are dieing because of this or either getting sick they should test this on shomething else because are dieing what if they did that to humans this is just crazy i think they should do this on a plant or some thing like really

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