• Animals should be used in sports to a point

    Sports like dog agility and freestyle create bonds between animals and humans. However, When it comes to the greyhound racing industry, That is where lines are crossed.

    Animals in the wild are exposed to many acres of free land that they now do not have. Animals love to work because of this. When a horse is taken into society and trained, Leaving it in a pasture is, In some ways, Cruel. A horse can be put into flatwork classes and used in flags, Show jumping, Etc. As long as the horse is started and retired at the appropriate age and not used in any races, Sports including animals is actually beneficial to the animal.

    Therefore, Animals in sports should be ethical and after that has been met, Animals can be enjoyed in sports to the max capability whilst still meeting animal welfare code.

  • Animals Enjoy Work

    The animals used in sport such as dogs and horses can get bored without something to do. You can't force an animal to do anything it doesn't want to. People love attacking the racing industry, In Australia a horse called Chautauqua refused to race, He was retired from racing but he is a horse that needs a challenge and so moved into the eventing world. Remember that animals are not human, The things that make them happy are completely different to what makes us happy, Animals don't sit there and ponder their opinion of things, They don't think like that, That is how humans think.

  • Sure they can

    Animals are meant to be fit and healthy but in zoos they can’t do anything all day. It is a fact that most animals in zoos are stressed and not treated too well but if we let them play sport, they will be fit and they will enjoy it. It is possible for them to play so why don’t we give it a go?

  • Animals are not an attraction game

    It's true that animals have the right to be happy and healthy, But that doesn't justify using them in any kind of sport.

    It's obviously good to the animal to exercise and play, But for it it tisn't compulsary for it to sign up in a sports team. Doing competitions surrounded by people they don't know in a place they aren't familiar with can be really stressful for them and, In the end, They won't be winning any price for their effort. Bussinesses shouldn't take advantage of an animal's accomplishments.

    Plus, Mixing here the "zoo" argument is quite absurd here. Zoos are designed by people for people. They were established when not everyone could see an especific animal. However, In our times, Anyone can travel to any country they want to to see any specific animal live. Nowadays, Having animals locked in a zoo is not right, Because that isn't an animal's natural environment.

  • They can't choose

    Each time we use animals in sports, They don't have their own voice and opinion, So they are in a stressful situation and in many times forced to eat more than they need to get muscled or pressed to do their best, So they health is in the hands of people that only want their own benefits and recognisment.

  • NO- IN the end, Its the human's game

    If you think about it, In the end who is getting benefitted from these sports? The humans. As they do this just to earn a title. However, The animals are like a slave for us just for our own benefits. Although the animals are being quite active, Saying that zoos can't provide the benefits these animals need like activeness, Is quite absurd. Isn't up to the zoos to make sure their animals are well treated, Healthy and fit.

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