• Nu they must not and they should D:

    Yes and no because there is predators that can kill animals that are going extinct. No because there are dangerous animals that can hurt humans an injure them sometimes even kill them. Like polar bears, there going extinct, Mammoths went extinct cause of sabertooth s, sabertooth s are like wolfs, mammoths are like deer moose and any other animal a wolf would kill

  • Animals need zoos

    Do you think the Golden Lion Tamarin should’ve lost it’s habitat due to loss of territory from logging and mining, As well as the threats of poaching? Or do you support the concerted effort from conservation organizations and zoos worldwide to protect the Golden Lion Tamarin from extinction. In all do you want Golden Lion Tamarins to go extinct or do you want to support saving innocent animals like the Golden Lion Tamarins. You decide.
    In conclusion, I believe that zoos should be kept open, Because they are educational for kids and they help save endangered species. Innocent animals like the Golden Lion Tamarins. You decide. No number of digital screens can amount to the thrill of seeing these animals in real life. 800, 000 animals live in the care of the AZA-accredited zoo and aquarium professionals and 3000 to 5000 animals across the world a year are abused look at the numbers. You can’t stop a successful thing just because of a small number of mistakes compared to the successes of the project itself.
    Thank you

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  • Keep Endangered animals grow their population

    Endangered animals need Help so that's why we keep them in zoos. They can breed and their population will start to grow. We don't want animals to be extinct so that's why we keep them in zoos. My Opinion I think that Animals need to be in Zoos. Help Them

  • Developed Zoo's Yes

    Zoo's which are developed should have to meet animal welfare laws prior to having the animals as they are essential for conservation and getting children engaged in animals and wanting to help them in the future. However underdeveloped, cruel zoo's such as Surabaya should be shut down immediately and the animals should be re-homed.

  • Yes animals should be kept in zoos

    They should be kept in zoos because sometimes zoos provide various ways for the economy to grow. They help endangered species alive. Some animals get saved from getting extinct because of the great protection of the zoos that helped all the animals that were endangered be more generation without being really dangerous in the outer world

  • Animals should be kept in zoos

    They should be kept in zoos because they are provided with proper diet and they live longer life span. In zoos they are protected from their enemies and they don't have a fear to get eaten by their predators. Animals in the zoos are also a good way for public to know about certain animals and birds. The animals should be kept in captivity as they don't get extinct. They might not have that freedom in the zoo but they are safe.

  • Zoos Play Important Role

    Animals are better off being kept in conservatories, but zoos play an important role for some animals. Therefore, animals should be kept in zoos under the right circumstances. Zoos can keep certain animals safe from predators, and zoos can educate people about the animals that are contained within their walls.

  • Yes, animals should be kept in zoos.

    Yes, animals should be kept in zoos. Zoos are good in helping keep endangered animals safe from hunters. Zoos are also good ways for the public to learn about certain animals and kids get amazement from these animals. Some zoos have administered successful breeding programs that have brought endangered species off the brink of extinction.

  • No no no!

    Animals should never be kept in zoos for humans entertainment and need. Its just selfish! Animals should be kept in their own civilization with their family, learning life skills. Like :
    catching their own food
    learning to live in a animal environment
    Just imagine if you were pulled away from your family and used to entertain other people ... Just like Madagascar the movie......!???

  • Helps animals stay alive

    Zoos keep animals from going extinct. There are a few bird species in zoos right now that aren't able to be found in the wild. There are type of crocodiles as well. There are turtles in zoos that can't be found in the wild. Also in the wild if an animal gets sick there is no one to help them.

  • Ment to be wild

    I say no because animals get zoochosis from being in zoo's. The also have a family that they are aking apart. Also,they need to. Run and be free not just. Pace and bite cages zoo's kill animals but roaming you do not die easy and if they do its not a persons falt

  • Zoos should be limited, but also there should be better wildlife reserves

    If zoos were to be reduced then there would have to be better wildlife reserves. A valid point is to reach a hypothetical "x" where zoos are becoming more like wildlife reserves, and wildlife reserves are becoming more like zoos. Safety is important in both cases for many people to participate.

  • They should not

    Animals are not cage animals they should be out of the in the wild life instead of always be in cages. My opinion on this is that all animals should be free. When I see animals in cages it makes me sad it make me want to break them out. Animals should be able to do whatever they want.

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  • They should not be kept in zoos

    Animals should not be kept in zoos because we are using them as entertainment. When we go to see circuses animals are trained to perform and the zookeepers are abusive to them because they hit them or they even end up killing them. Animals have the right to live where ever they want just how use humans have the right to live where ever we want

  • No way man

    They should not be in cages for peoples intertanement they should be free to do what they want and to be with there family. If i was an animals and i got taken from my family i would be the sadest animal if you know what i mean bad people do these things

  • I say no cuz i wanna

    The animals have feelings and can sometimes be really lonley. Imagine that you are this star * and you are surronded by a cage as big as this commet you WILL feel sad now imagine that you are one of those animals now you feel guilty. Animals have the right to be free

  • No animals should not be kept in zoos.

    Animals are free and a have life before they are captured. Capturing them destroys their way of life. For example if a lion is used to catching it's own food. Then when it is given food it will not know what to do. Also animals like elephants travel long ways in group, so in a zoo elephants won't be able to travel like they are use to.

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