• Animals should have rights

    They are living and breathing just like us humans. They have been suffering for years and the people that say no, are the ones that will be creating more pain. How would you feel if you were locked up in cages all day, with no one whos going to help you? Garantee you wouldnt like that.

  • Human chivalry towards animals, they our brothers

    As a super intelligent species we should have a moral obligation to do the right thing. We allocated rights to ourselves but that doesn't entitle us to ignorantly allow animals to suffer or die for our benefit. Animals are not there for our amusement, or for our test subjects. Yes it's natural to eat other animals for food but there is NOTHING natural about killing animals for sport and leisure, or killing animals for nice furry coats and leather handbags. There is nothing natural about using animals as test subjects in experiments.

    As a fellow animal ourselves we understand emotions transcend species. We know they feel pain as we do so we should feel empathy and sympathy for them. Like a sibling, animals evolved alongside us and although they compete with us we have long since grown beyond the need to hunt any animal to extinction for competition. Many have lived for millions of years longer than us. Some lived alongside the Dinosaurs and some even older! So who has more right to be on this planet? Us or these creatures? I think we all do, and like a shepherd with his sheep we needs to act responsibly and with great care. Treat them with kindness and respect. And allocate them basic rights too. They have a right to exist.

  • Animals die every day

    Even though this question will most likely ALWAYS be debated, I simply do not see the point in giving animals more rights then what they already have. The bottom line is, they are not humans, can not speak, and animals die every day, unfortunately. That is just a part of mother nature.

  • Humans Need More Rights

    I believe it is more important to continue to focus on human rights, rather than animal rights. I think for the most part we have some rules set to help protect animals, however we still deny rights to own race based on race and identification in some facets. I do not think animals are on the same level with humans and I do not think their rights should occupy our time as much as it has.

  • Animals Aren't People

    Animals aren't people. That doesn't mean we should beat the crap out of our beloved pets, but animals already take up an enormous aspect of our contemporary society. How about giving humans more rights first, such as the right for gay people to marry or the right of women to have contraception against overly-aggressive men who can't control the muscles between their legs? Let's put humanity first!

  • Animals should not have more rights.

    Animals should not have more rights. They already have plenty of rights, and to give them more would make it hard to regulate. It would be overwhelming to have too man right for animals because then people and companies would have to behave differently in order to respect those rights.

  • Nah, I like what they give us.

    Coming from a religious background I feel that animals are here for us, and should be used for us whenever needed. However, I am not an ignorant sadist or whatnot, and of course don't advocate or believe in torture. But all animals use other animals, even without religion, that is truth and obvious.

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  • Animals have the right amount

    We should not abuse animals or cause harm to them needlessly. We should try to give domesticated animals a good home and care. Beyond that animals don't need more rights. We are still higher then them and do have some rights over them. Treating them well is the best right for them.

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