• Animals are living creatures

    Who are we to take our own man-made Christian beliefs and apply it to a species which was here on Earth a long time before us? Just because we have a different type of human morality, it doesn't mean that animals aren't moral? What we think is moral, we have been made to believe over time by our own society. There is no right and wrong.

  • Humans are animals

    We are animals as we evolved from apes who are techniquely animals, so saying animals don't have rights is like saying humans don't have rights. Since when did we not have any rights? We sort of rule the planet, and we are not letting animals do what they want and we need animals to survive, so why say they don't have rights?

    They are sooooo DUMB!!!---------->

  • We are humans, we are animals.

    Should humans have rights? Most of you would say yes. Just because we are at the top of the food chain does that give us the rights to take animals rights away? Think of it this way, you are a human, you are an animal so if you kill another human you go to jail, right? Is that any different from killing an animal? Think about it, its not any different. We are animals, they are animals, its exactly the same.

  • They are just like humans.

    Yes! Animals are very similar to us humans. Yes, they may have fur, tails and four legs, but they eat and breath. They feel sadness, pain, happiness, etc. Just like humans do. They are innocent and they deserve a chance. They are not asking for forever, they are just asking for a chance. All they want is for someone to love them and for them to love for their short lifespan. They deserve everything we do. They are like our children, like our family. When we are down, they know it and they comfort us. Therefore, they deserve rights. Animal abuse needs to be put to a stop.


  • yes they should

    Animals should have rights. A life is a life and it should be valued, no matter what you are. Animals cannot speak for themselves and for that reason we need to protect them. Animals are just as important and protecting them is something we should take pride in, it is our responsibility.

  • Animals deserve better.

    They don't deserve to be treated the way they are. Animals are living creatures just like us humans are. They don't need to be tortured or suffer for us. Animals were made on Earth just like us. I'm sure there are other ways we can still benefit from them without them having to go through pain and suffer. They might not be able to speak like us, but they can walk, eat, sleep, etc. Just like us. Things need to change. Seriously, have a heart.

  • Animals Have Rights!

    Animal rights is the belief that animals have an intrinsic value separate from any value they have to humans, and are worthy of moral consideration. They have the right to be free of oppression, confinement, use and abuse by humans. They have life and hence right to be treated well. By respecting animal rights and having consideration for animal welfare we also support ecological balance.

  • Animals are living things just like us humans.

    Animals should be given rights simply because they are living things. The opposition has stated that animals should not be given rights because they do not contribute to the society of today. However, I disagree as we should give animals rights and respect, because they are like us in many ways. Human beings, too, would not like it if they were treated badly by others of a higher power than them. Living things have the bodily autonomy to do what they please because they have ownership of their body. Having ownership of their body, we have to give them rights for the things they can do. Animals are like humans too, in the way that they have emotions and are able to feel pain when hurt is inflicted upon them. Therefore, we human beings should not be selfish and we should treat our counterparts with equal respect as they deserve.

  • They are alive, like us.

    Animals are alive. They feel pain. They think. They have emotion. Have souls. Why should they be less than us, only because we are dominant? Are we still ruthless barbarians, who only keep things if they are useful? No. We are past that. We have luxuries, like bought food, comfort, jobs and family. Why can't we share these?

  • Animals deserve rights.

    Everyone makes a unique contribution to this world we share. We, humans, have our part too; to maintain the balance of life by treating all living things as you would to your friends and family. Animals are just like people. They have feelings and emotions.
    They don't deserve to be treated the way they are. Animals are living creatures just like us humans are.

  • Animals ARE DUMB

    Animals are dumb and not human so they should no hv rights. Humans are no animals because we are samrt and animals are dumb. I know that im right becuase humans have a higer iq than animals. IF YOU THINK ANIMALS AND HUMANS ARE EQUAL THEN WHY CANT THEY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nope!

    The freedom to be REQUIRES in its evaluation a responsibility to defend the freedom of others to be. Animals do not pay taxes. They do not defend the rights of people unless specifically trained *against their wishes* to do so, and even then do not have the capability of understanding WHY they do so. In their inability to even contemplate the existence of the mind of another, they have forfeit their entitlement to freedom, in the same way as a ROCK has no such entitlement. Further, animals are not sufficiently novel contributors to the public welfare of any objectively defined society. As such, animals are property, extensions of humanity for humanity's sake. So long as the action is not a existential threat to some class of animals, or an existential threat to the sum of things and property which comprise the corpus of a true human (as long as you are not depriving someone else of allotted property), we ought be free to treat animals as we see fit, be it through castration, imprisonment, sexual usage, or otherwise. However, arguments CAN be made that specific usages, particularly abusive ones, often cause them to be far less useful to the purposes which we keep animals for. To that extent it can be seen that it is a DUMB idea to abuse animals, in the same way as it is a DUMB idea to cut upon oneself, and the costs of such actions should not be borne by society but solely by the person who makes an informed decision to do something dumb.

  • "Animal rights" is substantially nonsense:

    Animals can't distinguish between good or bad, they have no free will, they just follow their instinct. You can't convince a tiger not to hunt when it's hungry, not even if the potential prey would be someone's baby. This is because the tiger can't see it's *doing bad* by hunting your baby, so it cannot *make a choice*, between feeding its stomach or sparing the life of a baby. This means the tiger has no free will. On the other hand, obviously, if the tiger kills a baby, it is not guilty: the tiger simply cannot choose. This is the most obvious difference between an animal and a human: the ability of choosing on a moral basis (what is better and for whom) implies the birth of the term "right", the inability to do so implies the inapplicability of any rights. This is the main reason why animals cannot have rights.

  • Meat is a vital part of nutrition. If god wanted everyone to be a vegan, he would. To have put animals on Earth.

    I LOVE this. Vegans are always saying that animals deserve rights. LOL. S, a wolf that slaughters sheep is nature. It's a fight to survive. Is nature, and what God wanted. I am NOT encouraging animal cruelty. Cruelty is making animals suffer for no reason. Hunters are those who kill animals for meat. A vital part of nutrition. Introducing predators to an environment unbalances it. Predators kill off all of the animals we need to eat. This is why I do not care if predators are killed. What good are they doing for the environment? We do NOT need animals killing off animals needed to be hunted.

  • No they should not

    Animals don't deserve to have rights like the rest of us. We have worked hard to earn the rights we have now as humans. But animals make no contribution to society besides feeding us. They don't pay taxes, they don't have jobs, they just use energy and resources that we are working hard to sustain. The only benefit they really give to us is food and a few other environmental things. But they don't help the development of our communities. We give them food and shelter in exchange for the few benefits they provide to us, but I don not believe animals have earned their own rights.

  • I disagree :\

    Think about this: If animals were to have rights, do you think they would choose to be experimented on or not for medicine purposes? The answer is obviously no. So, now that we don't have animals to experiment on, would you like to volunteer yourself as the experiment subject? Also, if animals do have rights, won't everyone have to become vegetarians? I am pretty sure that animals are not be willing to sacrifice themselves to satisfy the human race's stomachs. Besides, we cannot even communicate with animals. How are we to know what rights they want? If they can even comprehend what is the meaning of rights in the first place.
    "Rights belong to moral agents, and animals lack moral agency. Driven by instinct, they lack the higher-order thinking skills that enable people to choose between courses of action." (adapted from Richmond Times-Dispatch)

  • No noo noooo

    Animals should not have rights because without us humans testing on them we wouldnt have make up products.. Medical break through.. Or other body products we use. Yes they deserve respect and love. But we truly need it. Because without it we wouldnt have the things we have and need

  • I say no because

    If a wolf kills a lamb that is considered nature but what if man kills cow is that nature? Or is that cruelty to animals? I think we should protect them but giving them rights will do as much good as children's rights. If they are broken nothing is done about it.

  • Saves mass lives

    I believe that animals should be tested on because, obviousley we need them for research and to save mass lives. Smallpox was eradicated from earth thanks to animal testing and if animal activists got their way, domestic animals woud become extinct so i believe animals SHOULD be tested on. HA

  • Rights are earned.

    The argument for animal rights seems to stem from the fact that humans are themselves animals, and extend to state that animals should thusly share our rights. Well the truth is that not all humans have the same rights, and many humans in this world have no rights at all. The reason why we have rights is because groups of people banded together and fought, bled, and died to get them for us. To extend those rights to animals on a whim (and thusly limit human rights to treat animals as we see fit) is insulting.

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Anonymous says2013-03-11T18:44:37.317
i think animals should have rights because at the end of the day they are apart of the world and no one can change that
Anonymous says2013-04-04T15:07:16.707
Animals should not be be abused or treated badly what so ever I'm 15 and I've seen abusive video's toward animals such as cats and dogs. Dogs kill cats and humans, when is the last time you seen a cat kill a dog or human.
Anonymous says2013-05-06T23:53:12.127
Animal's have right's like any other person.God created us all in our own special way so,let's make a change!
WingedWolfPsion says2016-03-15T21:22:50.393
Animal rights means an end to keeping any animal in captivity, or killing any animal, for any purpose - no livestock. No pets. No service animals. Nothing. It is NOT the same as animal welfare, and will not improve animal welfare.

Also, the repeat posts and nonsense posts trying to drive up the counts on each side reveal poor character.
annakingj says2016-11-17T19:53:20.680
The evolution of animal rights will most closely parallel that of children’s rights. The point is to establish a legal principle that recognizes their interests in the legal setting. This does not require “an end to keeping any animal in captivity,” just as rights for children to not require that they be allowed to run free or make decisions regarding their own care.
annakingj says2016-11-17T19:53:37.760
The evolution of animal rights will most closely parallel that of children’s rights. The point is to establish a legal principle that recognizes their interests in the legal setting. This does not require “an end to keeping any animal in captivity,” just as rights for children to not require that they be allowed to run free or make decisions regarding their own care.