Should animals have rights too? And "because the bible says so" is NOT a premise.

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  • Just another moral progress that is opposed by religion.

    Our leaders use our strong desire to survive death to give us beliefs that make life convenient and fun for them so they can live it like it wont last forever and they know it probably wont. What makes it wrong to lock up a human or hurt a human? Because they feel and you wouldn't want it to be done to you. Well locking up animals or hurting them is no different. Everything that makes it wrong applies to animals as well. They feel and think too and deserve happiness as well. You guys are going to say that if we didn't have animals in the zoos they would go extinct yada yada as if that justifies animal slavery or imprisonment for pleasure which it doesn't. You may say some people treat animals as humans or family. But how many people do that? Not many except when it comes to dogs. Almost all birds, reptiles, rodents, aquatic animals, and insects are locked in aquariums or cages like prisoners though they have committed no crimes. How many animals are treated like human family members? Not many at all. Some slaves were treated as family and some were set free immediately after being purchased. That didn't justify slavery and it doesn't justify animal slavery or imprisonment.

  • Obviously, they deserve to have rights

    Just because animals cannot speak or wear clothes or are considered weak by the humans, that doesn't mean they don't deserve to live. The Earth was made to sustain the life of all species, not just humans. In fact, i believe they should be given more rights than humans as they cannot ask for it. Animals make the world beautiful, they do not cut down trees, they do not pollute the environment, they do not waste resources, humans do!!

  • Yes they should

    Even though animals may not be as intelligent and high-ranking as us humans they are crucial to human's survival. And I have a question for the people on the no side of this argument have you ever heard of the saying "treat others the way you want to be treated"!? That saying applies to animals too and how they get abused and killed. I totally understand killing an animal for food but anything else is just cruel and wrong. For instance jewelry such as ivory nothing should be killed just for one thing especially when that one thing is used to make a person look good. The same thing goes for anything made out of fur it sickens me that someone would go and kill an innocent animal then skin it to sell only it's skin and once someone buys it the parade around not caring that they are wearing the corpse of an animal on them , you wouldn't wear the skin of a person so why would you wear an animals skin? Because it's furry? No thanks

  • The bible says so? How perverted is the US version??? In any case, it's simple morally right to give them rights.

    We have reached the point where we can afford to indulge in things not 100% necessary for survival. Why should animals not receive at least one or two rights? It costs us nothing- don't give them full out human rights, that's crazy, but animals should have rights. We ourselves are just animals, we are hardly superior in that regard, so if animals don't deserve rights, we also don't deserve rights as we are among the animal kingdom.

  • Yes animals should have rights

    Animals are not humans that is correct but animals do feel pain and do have feelings, you can't just not give animals any rights we don't like when we are not treated fairly or when people use to have no rights or only a small amount of rights there really is no difference when it comes to animals, just because they are animals it does not justify us not give them absolutely nothing

  • Would you like to be caused pain?

    Animals are locked up and hurt just because some humans think they taste nice. For some reason, in Western culture dogs and cats are special and most people wouldn't dream of doing anything bad to them. Despite the fact that pigs and cows are just as intelligant and can feel physical pain. The only reason dogs are treated differently is because they were more practical to domesticate and keep as pets. How does that give them more rights?What about if dogs were treated like some animals are today? How would you react?

  • Animals are "subjects-of-a-life"

    Contemporary philosopher Tom Regan offers a compelling argument in favor of animal rights; human ethics, at its deepest level is based on the independent value of the individual: To treat humans in ways that do not honor their independent value is a violation of a basic human right; the right to be treated with respect and dignity. Regan further argues that the same principle applies to animals; to give independent value to humans implies that animals have the same value and therefore, we are obliged to show them moral consideration.

  • We are evolved from animals

    Why not...?! Animals should have the rights since we have it ..What is the difference between us? Only they can not talk or speak like us!! I believe treating animal the way we want to be treated is fair and not selfish idea. We born for caring as we are more thoughtful and we have to be kind ; no need to keep animals just for fun or to full our desire that we are strong.

  • Should animals have rights too? And "because the bible says so" is NOT a premise.

    Yes. Animals are intelligent creatures who feel love, grief and pain. It is not our right to use them as our slaves for entertainment, meat, testing or products. They are not ours to abuse. We do not live here on Earth alone, they deserve rights because this world is their home too.

  • Animals should have rights.

    Rights were invented long ago during the earliest human societies and were applied to humans only as at that time biological knowledge is just primitive. Now we are increasingly aware of how animals are being treated inhumanely, it is time that rights should be extended to animals.

    The idea of Animal rights is that animals should be free from unnecessary exploitation and abuse from humans. No it is very different from civil or human rights. Animals don't pay taxes or may have no potential in society. Animals just need protection from abuse.

  • They have the right to be tasty.

    As humans, we have evolved as omnivores. Our bodies not only evolved to process both plants and animals but also the need for them in our diets. In nature, other animals don't look at other species as equals so why should humans be any different. Fact is, they are not human so why should they be given human rights?

    What I find silly is the meatless meat products that are meant to look and taste like meat. If you don't like the idea of eating meat, why eat something that gives you the idea that your eating meat? Clearly they like the look and taste of meat so why deny your natural instincts.

    For the most part, animals are kept with the animals needs in mind. Sure, this means that wild animals loose some or most of their freedom but they also benefit from it as well. They live without the treat of predators and other dangerous situations. They also tend to get a regular diet of safe food. Not only will they not starve to death but have little to no risk of parasites or other food contamination they would have in the wild. If they become injured or sick, they can also receive medical treatment that would not exist in the wild.
    Sure, some animals are treated cruelly but in the U.S. we have laws against such things already. Yes, animals should have animal rights, and they do, but clearly we should not give them human rights as they are not human.

  • They're not human.

    Animals have no rights because they aren't human. Should they magically become human, then, as soon as they can integrate into society, then they should be treated as fellow and equal humans. Seeing as that'll never happen, they ain't getting no rights from us incredibly awesome humans unless they're smart enough to ask for them. Which they aren't.

  • SInce when was the bible even an argument

    Animal rights I find is the easiest topic to take shots at, since when have we needed the bible to tell us that animal deserve no rights. Humans can figure this one out on their own. I have posted endless arguments against animal rights and not once have I used the bible.

    No well of course animals should not have rights.

  • Is this a serious question?

    No animals should not have rights. Should you be able to torture an animal for your own amusement, well no. But animals are necessary to feed the population. What if an animal kills another animal? Are we going to give it a trial and put it in jail? If we give animals rights, we might as well give rights to plants.

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The bible does not say so.