Should animals live in captivity or in the wild.

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  • Humans are animals, Civilization is captivity.

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  • In some circumstances, Yes.

    I think a lot of people are going to automatically say no, But you need to think about it logically. There are lots of species that without our wonderful rescue organizations and zoos and even buyers would be extinct. Take the Mexican Walking Fish (Axolotl), Guam Kingfisher and the South China Tiger to name a few. You also need to take into account the many sick animals and babies that are orphaned every year and need to be rehomed into zoos etc.
    There's also the whole debate of keeping animals for education purposes or for observation which I'm okay with as long as the animal's wellbeing requirements are met.

    Unfortunately we live in a world where we need to keep animals in captivity to keep some of the species that we nearly killed alive.

  • They Should Only be Kept in Captivity Temporarily, Permenantly if Needed

    I have mixed feelings about zoos and other places like them. It is very good that they keep individuals of several endangered species away from the dangers of pollution, Poaching, Smugglers, And habitat destruction. But, If the animal's environment is safe, It is unfair that the animal is being kept away from their natural home. It would help a lot if organizations monitored animals in their environments, And make sure that no illegal habitat destruction and/or smuggling/poaching is going on, It would keep them safe. That way animals don't have to live their lives behind bars.

  • Animals should, Yettt

    Animals should, That's where they belong. Yet. . . . Some, If not in captivity, Would be existent yet orphans, Babies and others were in captivity to survive, We should be glad yet. The best place for them is in the wild. They deserve it. We're animals too. How would U like it if u were in a cage, Far from your family, Home and life huh? Think of that!

  • We are putting them in prison

    If we want to study them the best way is in the wild. We should respect and care about nature more than caring about our entertainment. If u don't agree you are selfish. A lot of animals are sad and depressed in zoos and we should care about that. Please understand the animals feelings

  • Should animals live in zoos or circuses or should they live in their natural environments?

    Animals should live in natural environments as they are no commodities that can be bought or kept as objects. Animals are living beings so they must be provided with a dignified existence. We must keep in mind that It has been proven that animals living in captivity have a shorter life span.

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