• Hidden? Since when

    ... Does Hollywood attempt to actually hide a social message? A well written story with have themes on multiple levels. Adults will get jokes kids don't that revolve around. Just saw Zootopia and the social message was blatantly obvious. But four year olds watching the movie just saw furry animals acting funny and loved it. Nothing wrong with that but it isn't exactly "hidden".

  • Hidden messages are great

    I fully support all hidden messages in movies. I love hidden messages whether their good, bad, or indifferent, especially when you can't tell if their intentional or not, because those are the ones that mess with people. They are so entertaining to read about in articles. I find them to be hilarious because as a child I couldn't even perceive them, but once I grew up, I got to read about all of the stuff that was going over my head all those years. It was almost as awesome as watching Shrek at ages 8 and 18. Parents worry about their kids subconsciously reading into it too much. I watched some cartoons with DARK inspirations and I never even realized it till someone told me. I mean diversity isn't even a bad thing haha...Parents. Someday I'll understand.

  • Yes, it can help fight prejudice.

    Social psychological research has found that prejudice is not always taught, but it is a product of natural cognitive processes. We automatically label people, and this often leads to prejudiced thinking against the "others." Children need to learn that different doesn't mean bad. Ideally, this is something that they should be taught by their parents, but a good way to reinforce that is by showing positive diversity in children's movies and TV shows.

  • Yes it should

    Kids watch animated movies and learn from them. Most of the animated movies for kids reflect racism that includes gender, color, beauty etc. Kids learn from them and form an opinion about gender inequality, beauty , race based on what they see in these movies. Hence it is very important that these movies have hidden messages about diversity

  • Animated films should not reflect any type of hidden massages

    Young kinds get influenced by the massages- but not always in a positive way. Many children are trying to look and act like the characters they see in the movies- a thing causing a lot of problems later on, when they grow up. Why should young audience be exposed to content that they know nothing about?
    Animated films should insert good and positive massages instead of diversity.
    Thank you.

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  • Animated movies should not have hidden messages about diversity

    Animated movies should not contain messages about diversity, or any politically hot topic. Animated movies should only be produced for the pure enjoyment buy families. While diversity is an important issue, it is up to parents to teach the lessons diversity offers. It should not be subversively thrust upon our children.

  • No, because they should have very clear messages about diversity.

    I don't feel there is any need to hide messages about diversity in this day and age. That said, it doesn't need to be thrown in childrens' faces in a way that seems forced. If diversity is presented as an average, everyday given thing, it doesn't have to be hidden or "in your face." It simply becomes the norm.

  • Not really p

    It is up to the creators of films what is in a film. Perhaps all characters being the same could also symbolise all humans being the same regardless of race? I think if you want a film featuring racial equality or any other issue, you should organise it yourself. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to organise a low cost film with 7 billion people on the planet, I'm sure at least one person would be interested in creating the film. It wouldn't be a bad idea and I'd look forward to watching it if it was a good quality movie.

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