• Anime Corrupts Youth and Adults

    In 2017 a research lab in south Florida verified that anime does in fact kill brain cells. Not only that but it corrupts youth in the sense that they have an over belief in false reality. They believe in myths like, Chi, Chakra, and mythical powers, not to mention it is over sexualized and is mostly out to make money by creating perverted youth that cannot get enough of the anime overexposure. And while one might say that not all anime is bad, I beg to differ. All anime follows at least one or more of the following traits, overexposure, discriminatory beliefs, being the odd one out helps, and random brawling when your honor is threatened is ok. You would be surprised how many anime follow that last point. The fighting aspect of anime can teach a child or adult that being belligerent is ok which can lead to major run ins with the law.

    Posted by: Fyr
  • Should there be anise

    Anime is a grate type of dasine tech and invalves grate skill for drawing and thats what anime's for great/skilled pepol in and sum time bad pepol but still as long as u try u will sicksed at it if u do u can make alot of money wen u grow upand goog bye

  • I have an idea for a new type of anime

    So I came up with this thingo and it is called aniharambe nasd it is acutalyll raelly cool cuz if o8i check it out then you will see tat many harambes are animes so yea also gorillas come from pluto so this idea would be out fo this world! Hahaa haha aI am cool

  • Anime shouldn't be banned from the world.

    Anime is kind of like a cartoon. So banning anime would be like banning cartoons. Yes there are some anime that are not appropriate for kids, but arnt there also adult cartoons. Also if you ban anime won't you need to ban manga as well, because there are a lot of animes based of of mangas. If your gonna ban manga, ban graphic novels aswell, and comic books, because they are all similar in the fact that they may have content not suitable for all ages.

  • Anime has greater variety and is not just for children.

    Anime may seem weird and immoral, What with the stories of boobs and tentacles, But it is still a medium and like all mediums, It can be used for great works.

    For example, I was on a plane on my way home when I decided to watch an anime called Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms. That show made me cry so hard because it was so beautiful.

    I don't recall western animation ever making me cry. In fact, It's because anime can be mature unlike most western animation. Anime has great variety and there's something for everyone. You just have to be willing to move past the fanservice look for what suits your fancy.

  • Anime is great

    Anime can promote imagination and creativity in youth which many people who don't watch anime may lack, even if some have fighting in them a lot of anime are kid friendly and nice to watch. If you can't stop your kids from watching these certain anime's then you are a bad parent

  • Take a sledgehammer to the balls!

    Anime is what people love! Don't go taking away what we people love! Anime is better than your retarded American cop shows anyway! Anime has something for everyone to enjoy, cute stuff, combat, fantasy Etc! If your child watches oversexualized anime or violent anime, it's not the show's fault, it's your ugly, anime banning fatass face's fault for not being a good parent and looking over what your child watches. You should get a sledge hammer to the balls!

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