Should Anita Bryant's music be banned because of her anti-gay views?

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  • Right to Free Speech

    Anita Bryant, even if her musical opinions are unfavorable, shouldn't be banned because she has the right to free speech as much as anyone else. If Bryant's music should be banned, then so should gangsta rappers who swear every other word and who degrade women on a constant basis. Bryant clearly has a niche for her work, so those people should be allowed to purchase and listen to her music if they want.

  • Banning Is Bad

    I do not believe the government or any other authority should have the right to ban things from people, therefore I do not believe Anita Bryant's music should be banned. A person's views should not dictate their need to be punished. Those interested in her music should be allowed to buy it.

  • Don't ban everything

    Why should people ban music because the singer has evil views? The wedding march that people love to hear played on their wedding day was written by Wagner, who was a family friend of Hitler's - in other words, people, as always, are hypocritical and easily swayed in the moment, without thinking about what they actually believe.

  • No, Anita Bryant's music should not be banned because she is anti-gay.

    Anita Bryant's music should not be banned simply because she is anti-gay. She has just as much right to free speech and thought as anyone else in this country. She has as much right to be anti-gay as the Village People have to be pro-gay. America should never stoop to the level of banning based on a persons sexual beliefs or persuasions.

  • It's her poetry.

    No, Anita Bryant's music should not be banned because of her anti-gay views, because she is stating a peaceful opinion. It would be hypocritical of the music industry to ban her for that, while allowing Miley Cyrus to grind on a wrecking ball wearing no clothes with stuffed teddy bears, all in the name of art. Bryant can sing the lyrics she wants to.

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