Should Ann Coulter team up with Glenn Beck (yes) or Bill O'Reilly (no)?

  • Ann Coulter should team up with Glenn Beck because their skewed personalities and viewpoints run in tandem.

    Ann Coulter should team up with Glenn Beck for America's sake. Both of them have extreme viewpoints, both leaning conservative. If the two of them were to team up, they could feed off of eachother's single-minded viewpoints. They could both go after Obama together, since it seems that's what they like to do. This would serve their base well.

  • They think similarly

    The two of them have the same views often times, even if the two of them often appeal to different audiences on their channel. It seems almost comical to say, but Bill O'Reilly is actually more center than the two of them, and he might not be the best fit.

  • Glenn Beck is More Her Style

    Glenn Beck is more Ann Coulter's style. Plus, he isn't associated with any single conservative network. Beck can have the freedom to express his opinions without the constraint of Fox News holding him back. Coulter is just as controversial as he is and the two can have it together for a conservative blockbuster of a show on the Internet.

  • They just click

    Yes, Ann Coulter should team up with Bill O' Reilly. This is best because they just click, their personalities and actions, as well as their viewpoints seem to be similar. Also, with Bill having his experience in television and news, and Ann having good knowledge of law and court proceedings, not only will they be able to influence many people.

  • Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly would work better together.

    Although I have no clue who would want to work with Ann Coulter, her thoughts and beliefs are beyond anything I can even understand. But if there were some hardcore conservatives out there I do believe they would much rather see those two together and if she were to work with Glenn Beck.

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