• Yes, because it's too close the name "Carry Ann"

    Carry Ann was a child who died when her brother pushed her too high on a swing set and she fell of backwards. As a punishment, the mother dressed the brother like a little girl (Carry Ann). She called him Carry Ann and even decorated his room like a little girl's. He killed his parents and blamed it on Carry Ann, who, according to him, got brain damage after she fell off. Later, when he was an adult, he kidnapped a cute teenage girl who worked at a cafe. He put gave her bright blue eye contacts because Carry Ann had blue eyes. So, yes, I think that it's good that she got fired. We don't need a dead girl on television.

  • As host she struggled.

    She was awkward as host. To be the host you have to be spontaneous and be able to joke around with the rest of the group. She did not have those skills. She was a serious person who did well at the news. Did NBC handle replacing her badly - yes.

  • Curry only awkward as the host thanks to the bullying by her supposedly "co hosts"...

    Thanks to her co anchors' behind the scene bullying tactics, of course she came across as awkward. If you were being picked on constantly at work, I'm sure you'd be awkward too. Maybe, that's why Meredith left. She didnt want to work with bullies! It's a shame, I used to like the Today show.

  • No, she should not have been fired.

    I'm a bit picky about who I watch on the news. I despise the sensationalist news that is so popular recently. But I love listening to Ann Curry's take on issues. You can tell she takes the issue seriously. She's really thinking about what is happening, and the impact it is having on people, not just reading cue cards. I think she would be a great addition to any show interested in covering the news. The people at "Today" were just too stupid to figure out how to use her skills to the best advantage. I'm sure she will find much bigger and better opportunities in the future.

  • Was Ann Curry's firing justified? No. This bring American journalism to a new low.

    The fact that "Today" passes itself off as objective journalism is bad enough, but the since documented bullying of Miss Curry by the show's editors and staff is inexcusable. Though private organizations have a right to create whatever they feel to be reasonable expectations in their employees, specifically including a level of "chemistry" between said employees, the public nature of Miss Curry's release (and her subsequent public humiliation) falls far beneath a level of decorum which one would expect from a recognized news source, and therefore not only lowers the bar for "Today<" but removes credibility from American journalism in general.

  • No, she shouldn't have been

    Just look at the backlash against Matt Lauer since it happened and you have your answer. People HATE him and it's really not even balanced with a large group of supporters anymore, just about everybody turned on him for chasing her out the door with a tennis racket. She was canned unfairly and the show suffers because of it.

  • No, she shouldn't have been fired.

    I think Ann curry was "real." I don't understand why Matt hated her so much, but her mistakes just showed she was human. I enjoyed watching her and she cracked me up. I thought it was a good way to start a morning, with laughter. I'm sure it was intended, but I dont think she should have been fired.

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