• Terrorism should be punished by death.

    Anonymous are nothing more than a bunch of 16-year old terrorists. They believe they have the power and the right to establish their own world order, their own dictatorship. Their disgusting methods is terrorism, pure and simple. Their goals of are inhumane. They must be demolished, then tried and executed, one by one.

  • Of course anonymous should be destroyed.

    The idea must be destroyed because they are a bunch of hackers that actually threaten innocent people and pretend to be the hero of the county when they are actually the threat to the world. Seriously , the anonymous must be eliminated and so must the idea. Tell the government they need to build security cameras in houses and send FBI members to arrest hackers cause it could be the only way to stop and destroy anonymous ONCE AND FOR ALL! It is both the group and idea that causes destruction. Anonymous should be destroyed and rid of Once and For All!!

  • If Anonymous Breaks Laws, They Should Be Shut Down

    The hacker group known collectively as Anonymous breaks international laws on a regular basis. The group claims responsibility for numerous hacks that bring down prominent websites. Commerce is disrupted, security systems are brought down and very little has been done to stop Anonymous. Any law breaking should be punished, and Anonymous is no different.

  • Anonymous Has Done Enough

    Anonymous has helped with the Arab spring and democracy-seeking actions of the like. That's good. They combat child porn as a whole. And then their members get convicted of holding child porn. How hypocritical. Defacing religious websites just because they don't conform to your personal views is not a moral thing, when these organizations do more good for the world then any of you children will ever do. And posting the credit card numbers and other personal information that could ruin good peoples' lives for the heck of it is not a responsible thing. You people have probably used a credit/debit card to purchase something at least once in your lives. Would you want your information available to the masses? You spineless "heroes" will get what is coming to you sooner or later.

  • Anonymous Is Nothing More Than A Wanna-Be Vigilante.

    They hide themselves behind screens and masks. Why not show the world your true face? Because you conspiracy nuts think the government and "Big Brother" are some monsters. No you are the true monsters. You are nothing more than some urban punks looking to play Batman. Online we can be anything, it's sad so many chose to be stupid.
    You complain the government is taking our rights; raising a war against our beliefs. But that is just farce. The reason behind what the government does is to protect us.
    Yes, there is corruption. The government is meant to be more than just something to go against. It is here to give us a symbol.
    A symbol of justice.
    A symbol of hope.
    A symbol of freedom.
    Take away that symbol and we fall apart. So Legion keep doing these reprehensible things, because in the end you will be the ones facing the guilt of ruining our country. Keep fighting and a harsher punishment will come.
    I have more to say....
    You will find me...
    But I will not go down alone...


  • Yes, Anonymous should be stopped

    Yes, I believe Anonymous should be stopped as they have broke the law numerous times by committing crimes on the Internet. They claim they do the things they do for the "good", but at the end of the day doing something against the law to get justice is not the right way to go about things. The problem is, they aren't a hacker group that is defined by a certain person or persons. There are new people everybody choosing to claim Anonymous and carry out Internet crimes in the name of Anonymous.

  • Bring back Public Executions

    Anonymous is a fascist organization that is trying to turn the world into fascists. And SUCCEEDING very well. Idiots argue fascism is only when the politics is something they disagree with, but the Third Wave clearly shows that fascism is much more than politics, it's the tendency for the human mind to become inflexible to alternative beliefs, to inflict violence on people for having different beliefs from you, and for otherwise being scum of the world.

    Anonymous actually has done NOTHING because, guess what, 6th amendment. Everything they're doing is illegal and the same protections against "big brother" should be taken in when dealing with "big anonymous fascists"

  • They must be stopped!!

    These "Anonymous" groups are not only putting people's lives in danger by posting personal details, but the lies they make up are the worst. I have apparently baited cats on one side of Australia and I give them to a guy on the other side of this huge country. Along with abuse and nastiness, deleting comments that they do not like. They should not have so much control. There are a million people now hiding behind a name and abusing innocent people on many social media networks. I am innocent. I do not forget. I do not take threats lightly.

  • They must be stopped!!

    These "Anonymous" groups are not only putting people's lives in danger by posting personal details, but the lies they make up are the worst. I have apparently baited cats on one side of Australia and I give them to a guy on the other side of this huge country. Along with abuse and nastiness, deleting comments that they do not like. They should not have so much control. There are a million people now hiding behind a name and abusing innocent people on many social media networks. I am innocent. I do not forget. I do not take threats lightly.

  • Keyboard warriors need to be stoppped

    They poke a sleeping bear fighting with Isis their computer won't stop bullets these criminals need to keep there mouths shut and stick to hacking twitter accounts and stay out of shit they have nothing to do with they don't have to deal with Isis when a war starts the military and people have to while these numb nuts hide behind computers if you wanna help join the military.

  • Anonymous should not be stopped

    Anonymous is a hacktivist group which believes in true equality between all people and animals. They actually DO something when police brutality starts, they actually DO something when the government starts unwillingly abusing their power, they actually DO something when innocents are killed by criminals and they are "not guilty" even when there's enough evidence to put them in prison. Yes they may seem like a bunch of no good online hackers but they hack for peace they reveled the names of thousands of twitter accounts that tie in with ISIS. They are hacktivists. Not criminals.

  • They Have More Morals Than the Gov

    Simply put Anon is more consistent than the Government. If we are to have order we need that consistency. They are fighting the corruption in this nation and doing it better than anyone else. As for the charge of terrorisim. Terrorisim, is the use of intimidation and or violence for a political aim when not a country. If you are a country then it's war. The revolutionary was was therefore an act of terrorisim against the british government. It's all in perspective. We call it terrorisim until that's the winning side.

  • They are on our side!

    Anonymous have moved on from being a group of pointless Internet trolls to something that is actually helping us. I think we're all familiar with how they revealed the identity of members of the KKK and they are even taking down ISIS websites. Isn't that amazing? They're like our protectors. Leave them be, love what they do.

  • Voice for People

    I have watched documentaries, read through their websites and listened to some supporters. On the other hand, I have looked at comments posted by people against them but I still can't say that I don't agree with what they are trying to accomplish. People, whether they are government employees or corporate, need to be punished if they are breaking laws. There are too many cushions for government employees and some cushions for corporate employees. Simply put, what some of these corrupt government and corporate employees do is against the laws that are ironically written by the government themselves. I hope Anonymous grows vastly and takes down these so called "Iconic Leaders" of our nation.

  • Freedom of Rights and The Truth

    Anonymous is fighting for their freedom and trying to show that the government is corrupt. By being anonymous they can express all they want without getting in trouble and being arrested or charged. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . .. . . .

  • CIA (Anonymous), FBI (Anonymous), DEA (Anonymous) and others whom we do not even know of.

    All of these entities use anonymity to protect us and go after those who would do us harm. Yet those of us who out others for doing wrong under the same veil of anonymity are evil in others eyes. Why don't you call crime stoppers and leave your information. You know why, fear retaliation. People who do wrong should be outed.

    Posted by: L0ck

  • They are doing the work of Nature.

    America, and much of the over developed world has lost touch with what it means to be human. Flawed, weak, powerless against nature and the Ebb and Flow of the times. All regimes, all tyrants, all PEOPLE will die some day. The currency, the commodities, and possessions will always go by the way side. People fear Anonymous because they are ignorant. Because they are not used to fighting a force that can not be fought. You can not wage war against an army that does not have an existence. They seek to keep people human. That is a cause I could devote my inherently short and unimportant life to.

  • Anonymous is for the people.

    Anonymous is a voice for the people, and they have showed that in some way or another. They hide their faces for the pure sake of their safety, as the government has been after them since they found out about them. And just what does that prove? Anonymous is for the voice of the people and the government is clearly against that, showing just how limited our rights are. Anonymous doesn't show their face or say their names(though of recently a few have come forward) they still support their members and followers loyally.

  • They are a voice for the people

    Anonymous, in some way or another has stood for the voice of the people. Even in their latest Operation, #OpSafewinter, they are helping the poor and needy on the streets. They hide themselves for the pure sake of their safety, because while they speak for the people, the government tries to hinder them and arrest them, showing just how violated our rights are. While anonymous doesn't show itself to the public or the government by name or face, they show support to their fellow members and their followers.

  • They can't be

    No matter how people look at them, they are an idea. You can't stop an idea. Wherever there is tyranny, someone is bound to expose it. It happens every time. Probably an observable natural cycle that one day we can understand and prevent from recurring. Until the, there is Anonymous.

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Quan says2013-06-10T14:41:09.563
Anonymous is not a unified organization that can be stopped. Anonymous is the people, and the people are Anonymous.