Should Anonymous expose the identities of Rehtaeh Parsons's accused rapists?

  • They did it

    They did it, the evidence should be made public and then they should be tried as adults. Justice is not being served. Anyone remember 'The Spur Posse'? Those punks and all like them get away with this and it makes me sick. We should send them to jail and when the sentence is served they should have to wear ankle tracking devices for life.

  • Yes, as a method of prevention.

    Exposing the names of the assaulters will raise the assurance in everybody that, in the case of any crime, no matter the eventual prosecution, the offenders' identities will never be kept secret. This will count as a method of prevention, especially for those who rely on the silence of their victims to continuing their felonies.

  • Good for the Gander

    These boys' names are already common knowledge in their own community. They had no compunction about putting the pictures of Rehtaeh into the public sphere. Their actions directly led to the bullying causing her to spiral into a depression that ultimately took her life. There needs to be logical consequences to harmful actions. They put Rehtaeh's name out there, let them see what it feels like.

  • Yes, Anonymous should expose the identities of the accused rapists.

    Everyday names are dragged into the open when a crime is committed. This case is no different. If Anonymous has one hundred percent proof that these boys/men are the culprits, they need to be exposed. Not only for the justice of Ms. Parson, but also to protect other women, or girls from this happening again. This is a horrible case and protecting the alleged guilty is wrong. If they are innocent, they will have the chance to prove it, but hiding just adds to their possible guilt.

  • Yes for all daughters everywhere.

    I have a daughter, I live in NS, with a proven track record of ineptitude when dealing with sexual assaults. In fact, dozens of women came forward to accuse our former Premier of rape--but most cases were dismissed by Crown Prosecutors since they did not feel they would result in convictions, and the few they did bring forward were ineptly handled. I feel this speaks to the shameful culture of decadency that exists here. Women are not safe. I had a law professor at Saint Mary's University tell me that if she was ever raped, she would not proceed with criminal charges, but only take her attacker to civil court! What is wrong with this picture! Thank you Anonymous for helping with the Rehtaeh Parson's case, and hopefully beginning a change in attitude in NS when it comes to a woman's right to be safe.

  • They should be exposed and punished for their actions.

    I believe that Anonymous should expose them. They are guilty of rape and drove an innocent girl that was being bullied for months to suicide. These boys should not just get off with going to jail, that would be letting them off easy. They should be exposed so that everyone knows their face. This inhumane act should stay with them for the rest of their lives.

  • I think so!

    This story is very sad and this Parson's suicide could have been prevented. The government is trying to protect these pathetic boys who use someone else to try to make themselves feel better. I believe that the rapist should be exposed, and maybe this could deter other want to be men from raping an innocent person!

  • Innocent until proven guilty.

    What would happen if the accused's identities went viral and they were innocent. Lets say they were bullied for something they didn't do and committed suicide. How could we live with ourselves, we would be responsible for their deaths. Let the law take care of this . I pray that my children's generation fight back and don't easily take their lives like today's generation.

  • They almost did.

    They managed to find the supposed rapists and were going to turn in their names, but stopped after hearing rehtaeh's family's wishes. Due to them not wanting to disrespect the family who wanted legal justice instead of vigilante justice, they left it at that, because they knew it is the family's wishes to have the law deal with them.

  • No to quote Che Guevara:

    "Violent revolution is not justifiable until every peaceful solution has been exhausted." I agree with Anonymous, let the established system of justice have its day. If it goes to the court of law and they show themselves to be incompetent and punish the innocent or fail to punish the guilty, then Anonymous should and will release the names and we react, but if the system is willing to try their hand at justice, we MUST let them do it. If we are willing to punish the guilty without a trial, then we are also willing to punish the innocent in a like manner, and we prove ourselves worse than those we judge.

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