• Hacktivists? More like Hackorrists

    Anonymous is a terrorist organization posing as an activist group. They have targeted any individual who dares question them or share a viewpoint they do not agree with. Anonymous members claim to be for free speech and equality, yet try to silence religion or groups that do not share their world view. The group claims to be involved in "anti-bullying' campaigns yet use bullying tactics to attack people. Anonymous is a hypocritical group full of idiot savants-- "elite" hackers who are just plain stupid about the world around them.

  • There's a difference between protesting and breaking the law

    Everyone has a right to their opinion but that's not a justification to break the law. That would be like a person taking food out of a grocery store without paying and then claiming that they could because they believed everyone had the right to free food. In other words, the world simply doesn't work that way and it shouldn't, that's anarchy. You can't just follow the laws that you like and agree with. I do like some of Anonymous's messages (although I think they can be a little bit entitled, anonymity isn't a right and neither is it a right to have free information) but they're going about it in the wrong, and illegal, way.

  • Modern "Anonymous" Is not True Anonymous

    The modern group you know as Anonymous is a dissenter group of a larger whole of the culture of 4chan. They are giving the site a bad name which, although keeping away large amounts of cancer, has become a bit problematic. If the dissenters were to be brought to justice, the larger and less violent Anonymous can voice its views much more easily. For example, most of 4chan is actually against pedophilia, it results in an instant ban from 4chan, but the dissent group is vocal enough to make the masses believe the opposite is true.

  • They Should

    Anonymous should face criminal charges. They've done so much wrong in the past and this should have been done years ago. They've taken down companies' websites and hacked into many different things. Those acts are illegal and they should be charged for those wrong actions. They deserve to be charged.

  • Yes, they are still responsible for their actions.

    Whether or not someone hacks into a system anonymously or known, they should still face criminal charges as they are still violating the law. As long as we have the tools and equipment to track them down, they should be punished regardless of their reason for hacking into the system or website. Having no penalties is like saying that it's okay to do whatever you want.

  • Protests and Activism in the Digital Age

    In this advancing technological world we need to develop laws suitable for online activism. A hacker shouldn't get a sentence more then a thug or a pedophile, we are practicing overkill punishment for hackers. I don't agree with all the actions of hackivists however I do agree with some of their beliefs like that censorship is wrong and that everyone should have equal access to information and knowledge.

  • Fighting for Freedom

    No, they shoudn't cause they're fighting for a better world. A world with less difference among people. An ideal world, where food, medicines and peace are there for everyone. A world without God and no masters. A world where everyone is equal. This is the kind of world that many people are hoping to come.

  • Anonymous hacker should not face criminal charges.

    Regardless of the fact that Anonymous has hacked into numerous websites, which is illegal, he did it so as to provide protection to the weaker sections. His hack activities are illegal no doubt, but he has revealed many "dark secrets" about them. Something which the legal authorities fail to do. He is more like an 'Internet Superhero' who goes around helping people for free. So, why should he face criminal charges? It makes no sense.

  • It is a Public Defense Against Wrong

    This is the online equal to stopping a bad guy from beating up a defenseless old woman on the street. If you stepped away, you are doing nothing but ignoring the problem. Anonymous is showing their distaste for something they do not feel is right. Imagine all the news stories they have broke, if it wasn't for them some of the social injustices wouldn't be brought to light. This is the internet's way of screaming "CITIZENS ARREST!" just in a different way and no charges should be filed against them.

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