• Yes They should

    This man deserves to be targeted after all the rambling bulshit that he come's up with. He says that all Muslims should leave the country but Muslims are standing up against ISIS all around the world. This man clearly does not have a clue. Another point about him wanting to put a wall between America and Mexico. A wall will solve nothing. It is like he sees a problem and decides to cover it up but what he doesn't realize is that the problem will climb the wall which would waste the millions of dollars it would take to erect it

  • Yes, because the motives behind his offensive statements may be found.

    Donald Trump should be targeted my Anonymous because of his controversial claims. Donald Trump has tried to Isolate Muslims within America by stating they shouldn't be allowed into the country. This is against the freedom of religion and is just generally unacceptable. If anonymous targeted Mr Trump he would lose support from anonymous sympathisers.

  • Why Not Target Him?

    If Anonymous is targeting horrible groups and people who they don't like, why not target Trump? Honestly in my opinio, Trump needs to get off of his high horse and take a step down, because even the possibility of him running the United States is absolutely terrifying. If you don't agree and you vote for him, you'll be sorry later.

  • D. Trump is not president material

    Donald trump is a bad choice for Americans

    1) He uses false information to create conversations or appeal to certain groups: Vaccines, Immigrants stealing jobs

    2) His ideologies can help spread enthusiasm of ISIS supporters

    3) Donald trump doesn't really care about Americans and will say anything to spark up conversation

  • Trump is a menace.

    Trump would rather give himself ultimate power than make America a better place. He has only proven this with his comments about Mexicans and Muslims which breaches the first amendment. Trump is causing nothing but trouble but and I would love for him to taste some of his own medicine.

  • That's not their click, is it?

    I was under the impression that anonymous was a group that targeted people and organizations that contradicted "freedom of information". If their going to simply target everyone they don't like they become a terrorist group. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, wishing him to be targeted by what has apparently turned into terrorists is wrong by any ones standards. I supported their fight for freedom of information, beyond that they become cyber terrorists, NOT freedom fighters. I'm sad to loose respect for that organization. Not because it's Trump, just because it's wrong.

  • Annon is Wasting It's Time

    Don't get me wrong here. The Annon movement is something I support. Also I big misconception about the "group" is that they are an organized group of computer guys in a room figuring out who to expose next. This simply is not the case. If you know how to hack (and really hack, not just figure out someone's FB password) and you have a political agenda at all, you can send out an Anonymous video stating "we are legion".
    Trump has said some controversial things no doubt but it only because there aren't lot s of big donors he has to appease. He is simply saying what the majority of America is afraid to say. This is because of the Political Correctness being shoved down our throats. He is a great business man and a strait shooter. America needs someone that is not going to dance around our issues. Trump may be exactly that.

  • Do you know who anonymous really is?

    I'm SOOOOO tired of people holding these guys on pedestals, they are purely international criminals; borderline terrorists even. Yes, borderline terrorists. They illegally access (hack) government, corporate and even consumer networks, databases, end-points, etc.; steal everything they can, then use it against the owners as leverage to manipulate global systems, manipulate political adversaries, and even simply destroy the owner or company to get what they want. The only check box currently empty, is the use or incitement of violence.

  • Trump is getting way too much attention

    Trump isn't an idiot, neither is he a serious candidate for the presidency. Yet because people are so easily distracted by outrage and fanfare, he is the only candidate you see on the news all the damned time. The serious candidates for this party (which has struggled to rebrand itself after the last 2 elections) are being overshadowed by the "freak show" circus he always seems to be in the middle of. Anything done to this guy (no matter how warranted) will only put him right back in the spotlight. Maybe he thinks he's invincible - or maybe he's actively pissing everyone off to keep the focus on himself...

  • No, they should not

    Donald Trump has at worst made some highly controversial statements. Anonymous as an organization should only stand by certain Western principles which most of the U.S. populace could agree on without controversy (I.E. Freedom of speech, democratic elections, etc). Anonymous hacking Trump would be the displaying of an unacceptable bias on their part.

  • Oh my God.

    "Hurr, he has opposing ideas, let's hax0r him, we r legun"

    I'm all for doing the right thing and taking out the trash, and Anonymous has done some good things in the past, but this is just ridiculous. He's running for president, he isn't massacring people.

    Just because you disagree with his political ideas doesn't mean you have the right to mess with him and leak information or ruin his chances of running etc. Anonymous is just turning into a bully when they do stuff like this.

  • Anonymous is wasting their time targeting Trump

    The hactivist group does not have solid ground for uttering threats against the United States. The issue has to do with security. The issue is more complicated than merely defining the situation as hatred against people of Muslim faith. It is about maintaining stability after a chain of terrorist events both at home and abroad.The hactivist group is right in claiming that Trump's words will make Muslim people feel sad, and possibly more inclined to join the radical group.The attack on the website is a sign of disapproval. Yet, it will not stop other Trump websites from being created and viewed. However, this situation will likely make Americans stop and consider the consequences of making assumptions and taking such extreme measures as blocking people from entering the U.S. There would have to be a process to follow. At this point, Trump is only a candidate for President, so his words do not have the impact they would if he were President. Security is not something to take lightly.

  • No, they shouldn't

    I don't see any reason Anonymous should target Donald Trump. Anonymous is a hacker group and what benefit do they get by targeting Donald Trump? Is there goal to prevent him from running for President? If groups like this can influence elections then we have a big problem in the US.

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