Should anorexics be force fed as part of their medical treatment?

  • It is needed

    Anorexia is a psychological problem often resulting in dangerous weight loss, in which a person, usually a girl or woman, refuses to eat enough over a long period of time. Anorexia is much more common in teenage girls and young women compared to male individuals and in other age groups because of unrealistically slim media portrayals of the female body. It is legitimate to force feed anorexics because the state has a right to protect your body. If a man was standing on the edge of a cliff about to jump, you would forcibly restrain him to stop him jumping. I don't see a reason this should be different. Obviously it depends on the specific circumstances and should only be employed in the most extreme circumstances, but if it's a life and death situation, why not? Normally, medical treatment cannot be administered without the consent of the patient. However, mentally ill patients may not have the mental capacity to make a choice. This is why we must make sure to make a good choice for them and force feeding will save their lives and health. The first step of force feeding anorexics is to find out if they are anorexic or not with their BMI. The weight of a person with anorexia is at least 15% below average for their age, sex and height. For adults, a healthy BMI is 18.5 to 24.9, although sometimes doctors may be concerned if a person's BMI is below 20. Adults with anorexia generally have a BMI below 17.5. However, BMI isn't designed for use in those under the age of 18. Special charts known as centile charts need to be used for this group. The second step is to bring them to a medical institution to be administered with an injection that will help them gain weight. When they are in the institution Repeat this procedure until the patient returns to normal weight

  • What is the difference between stopping them from making other destructive decisions?

    So, while this is a touchy topic, we need to consider why it would be done. If your son or daughter was an anorexic, which is an unhealthy decision, why wouldn't you want to stop them from making an unhealthy decision? It would be the same as using drugs or drinking alcohol. What is the reason we do not want our kids to use alcohol and drugs? Because it is unhealthy. Anorexia is unhealthy. If you will restrict them from making other unhealthy choices, why should you think it is okay being anorexic?

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  • Healthy Body = HealthIER Mind

    Anorexia Nervosa is a mental disorder that spurs physical deterioration. As we deteriorate more and more physically we suffer further psychologically as well. We get more reliant on our eating disorder the more malnourished and psychologically distressed we are. Those who are that psychologically distressed are not competent to make any decisions regarding resisting life sustaining treatment. Though force feeding isn't a pretty solution, bringing patients with eating disorders back to a healthy weight helps bring our psychological state closer to normal. This furthers both recovery of the mind and body. Afterward further therapy for the mind is definitely necessary. I am a recovered Anorexic and I would not have changed my ways if I weren't physically forced to do so. I was too mentally unstable and reliant on my eating disorder. If not for that intervention I wouldn't be typing this today. I can say now, with a clearer mind and a healthy body that I am thankful for being forced into treatment.

  • First step in recovery: get them to a healthy weight

    Many people in this position are not in there right minds to dictate whether they should be force fed. The doctor should get the final say in what happens next, in order to save their life. Without this treatment, many will die and this will devastate their family. Surely its selfish to decide to die, without thinking about the consequences. Despite this, I think they should be aware of what the doctor plans to do and why they plan to do it and as well as this treatment, which gets them to a healthy weight, they should also be given counselling to solve this mental illness.

  • It's to keep them alive.

    Yes, it's not a permanent treatment, but it's to keep them alive. If they're dead, they're not going to get any treatment. If we don't, we're just risking their lives because we want to make sure they have their own freedom of choice. Imagine if a guy had a mental disorder that he wanted to kill people. We're not going to let him just kill people while giving him treatment. No, we stop them from killing then get them treatment! Now, I know killing people and starving yourself are two completely different things, but that's not the point I'm making here. The point is, we need to stop them from doing the bad things of their mental disorder, and give them treatment at the same time. And in this case, it's stopping them from dying. Then we can treat them. It's not let them die and treat them as fast as we can before they do.

  • Anorexics starve their selves for attention. We shall force feed their scrawny little butts.

    If they don't like well oh well. All humans should eat. Why not eat even if some do die then that's okay because more will live than die. WE need to give them secret pills in water or something like that because cant put it in their food because they don't eat.

  • Yes, because of the fact that dying isn't the way to go.

    When someone has anorexia it is a mental disorder and they do not believe they are helping themselves instead of killing themselves. The only way to cure anorexia is through treatments and therapies and the only way they can go through these therapies is by being alive through force feeding them.

  • Where's the free will?

    Okay. I do not think anorexics should be force fed. It's not ethical, or morally right. Plus, it often complicate matters for future outpatient therapies. Being force fed is a solution that will only last until the patient is not a patient any more- we should focus on treatments that will ease the patient into healthy eating habits.

  • What About Their Happiness

    If they are in a state of mind where they are in so much pain and trauma, why force them to live in a world that they aren't happy in. If it was my family, i would rather loose them in the knowledge they were happy, than have them live, knowing how much pain they are in

  • They shouldn't be force fed as part of their medical treatment.

    Force feeding is not a good way to help a patient with an eating disorder,it also won`t be a permanent solution to the disorder.Force feeding could scar a patient and make them a lot more likely to relapse in the future.People should heal at their own pace not someone else`s.

  • They should be treated for a mental disorder.

    Because Anorexia is a mental illness they don’t have much control over themselves not eating, so they need to be treated mentally for their disorder not physically. Anorexia is a serious disorder that requires more than simply getting food into the patients. Force feeding patients would likely cause more future problems rather than solve the disorder. The underlying issue of them viewing themselves as overweight should be the main cause of treatment. Force feeding may be successful but only for a short amount of time. It does not reduce their fear of food and weight gain. An anorexic’s biggest fear is weight gain. If an anorexia sufferer thinks that they will be force fed as a part of treatment, they may be less likely to seek treatment or advice. If they are treated mentally for their disorder it would result in a healthier lifestyle and cause them to have a lower chance of returning to anorexia after finishing their treatment. Instead of force feeding anorexics as part of their medical treatment, they should be educated about the disease and be properly warned of all the risks involved with not eating. To physically force someone against their will to do something they don’t want to do is wrong.

  • No!

    Let them dies, if they're stupid enough to starve themself.

  • In any other circumstances, people have the right to refuse life-saving medical treatment

    A person can refuse to have lifesaving surgery. They can refuse chemotherapy treatment, even if this means they will die. Forcing someone to have lifesaving treatment is never the answer. For one, it is not a permanent solution: You can't force feed someone forever and although you can make them gain weight, this wont treat the psychological aspect of their disorder and will likely make them adverse to treatment. Remember, anorexia is an intense phobia of gaining weight, making them gain against their will is inhumane. A person is more than simply their life and life without any desire to live is nothing at all.

  • Only if a judge gives an "okay"

    Otherwise it will be done too often by doctors, if doctors force feed anorexics on a whim, 90% of the time they will get refeeding syndrome which can even cause heart failure and death. Which is what happened to American soldiers returning from Japanese captivity in WW2. Only if a judge gives permission should a doctor force feed an anorexic patient.

  • No, it's just wrong.

    Should anorexic patients be force-fed? Anorexia Nervosa is characterized by the refusal to eat. Overcoming anorexia nervosa is not simply about gaining weight back, it is about the realization that one needs to eat food in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If anorexics were force fed, then they would not come to this realization themselves, and they would be a lot more likely to relapse, or be in danger of physical or mental harm, which is the worst result.
    If someone is suffering from anorexia instead of force feeding them, try to talk to them, try to show them that food isn't harmful, that it's okay to eat. Force feeding someone if probably one of the worst things you could do to someone suffering an eating disorder. By force feeding them, your possibly making them even more scared of food, because its forced. You could kill the patient too.
    Would you like being fed against your will? How would you feel if it was you? You wouldnt like it right? That's exactly how most patients suffering from Anorexia feel. We need to follow the paitents wishes. If they wish to be force fed, force feed them. If they don't wanr to be, then don't.

  • No they should not be force-fed.

    Eating is only one part of anorexia. It is also a mental battle. Anorexics who are force-fed will not be recovered. Yes, they may gain weight, but their minds will remain hating themselves. Force-feeding does nothing but make anorexics feel guilty and more overweight. I think that they should recover in a more calmer way than force-feeding. It's important to eat, but they should at least have some control over their food, or at least let them choose foods they're okay with eating and slowly they will recover.

  • force feeding is wrong!

    Anorexics have a disorder and they need to get help the right way not being forced to eat, people think there choosing not to eat but the truth is they would love to eat like a regular human they just cant, it's a mental disorder they need to learn how to eat the right way and on there own, encouraging it is ok but don't force it it will just make them worse

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