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  • What we have now works

    I believe that indent style is sufficient enough and the problems that could arise from everyone having to learn a different kind of language could be a lot worse than the small problems that we have now. Not only would we have to come up with a new programming language but it would then have to be integrated into the system and all computers using the old system will pretty much be obsolete.

  • Current languages work.

    No, another computer programming language should not replace indent style, because there are many computer languages that can be used to program a variety of things. Each programmer should be able to work in the language they are comfortable in. PHP and Java are my favorite programming languages. But if someone else wants to use indent style, that is their choice.

  • A great method

    No, another style of programming should not replace indent style like we use today. This style is very effective for programming computers and making them work like they should. If something is working great, and is the best option you have, then you should not try to replace it with something else.

  • No I don't think so.

    I do not think we need another computer programming language to replace indent style. I think that the style is tried and true so to speak. It works well and people are easy to identify their work while look through it. I think it is a good method we have right now.

  • Most Are Unaware

    For the majority of people on the planet they are totally unaware of how programming languages work or what indent style has to do with them at all. Indent style can be used in two different ways either as a formatting tool that actually controls how a program works or simply as an aesthetically way to format the programming. So to say that a computer programming language could somehow replace indent style seems a little odd, since it's not 100% necessary in programs that only use it to make the code more readable.

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