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  • He should not retire.

    As a die hard New England Patriots fan it pains me greatly to praise Anquan Boldin. However, the truth of the matter is, he has shown that he is in no way ready to retire. He was a force to be reckoned with last season, and should be able to keeping playing for many years.

  • He should not retire

    Anquan Boldin has had a prolific career as a wide receiver, and I believe that he still has the talent, energy, and skills that it takes to continue play well in the NFL. Anquan Boldin is a tremendous receiver and can help any team trying to put together an effective offensive as he is a quicker runner and can score touchdowns.

  • He Should Continue To Play

    Anquan Blodin should continue to play in the NFL. He played great last year and led helped his team win the Super Bowl. Boldin is a huge part of the Baltimore Ravens' offense and can still play at a high level. Boldin should play a few more years in my opinion.

  • He should play as long as everyone agrees.

    If he can find a team and wants to play let him play. He may be past his prime and have his own collection of issues on and off the field but retirement is a personal question. He may not have a choice if no one is willing to let him play but the rest of it should stay out of it.

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