• He Wasn't Punished

    Anthony Weiner was not punished for his use of explicit pictures on Twitter, but he did resign from his office. I think it is incorrect to classify this as a sex scandal. Weiner, although married, exchanged texts of explicit nature with other consenting adults. To me, these problems should have stayed in his private life, where they belong. These events didn't affect his ability to serve in his position.

  • He took more heat than most politicians

    Most politicians seem to actually get away with their sex scandal. Anthony Weiner actually suffered real consequences and career damage for what he did, so he hardly got away with it. That might not constituted adequate punishment for his specific wrongdoings, but it's more punishment than most of his colleagues would have gotten.

  • No, Weiner shouldn't be punished.

    I do not think that Anthony Weiner should be punished for his sex scandal. While I do not support him, he did not do anything illegal. The whole scandal was just something that was embarrassing for him and his family as well as his supporters. I also think that his poltical career is over.

  • No Weiner should not be punished

    We must first define punish. My argument is that he has been punished already. He has failed to be reelected and not many people care what he has to say. Should he be arrested or fined? It depends on if he broke any laws. If he broke any laws then yes he should be punished, but if not then no. The public has already decided if he should be punished and they have voted yes.

  • No, Anthony Weiner personal life is his personal life.

    No, Anthony Weiner should not be punished for his sex scandal. I think people can do what ever they want in their personal lives as long as it's legal. We separate church and state this is no different, and in no way effected the lives of other people. People should stop being so judgmental.

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