Should Anthony Weiner of New York continue to seek an elected position?

  • Poor choices, but a good leader

    Anthony Weiner obviously makes really bad personal choices and if I was his wife I would dump him immediately, but he is still a really good legislature for the people. He has a lot of good ideas and is really good at expressing those ideas in Congress. Just because he makes bad personal choices does not make him a bad legislator.

  • If he wants it

    If Anthony Wiener wants to run for another political position he should do so. Wiener was a very well liked member of Congress for years, and, even after his first scandal, was liked enough to almost win the second election - if not for the second scandal, neither of which reflects who he is as a politician.

  • Weiner Doesn't Deserve Office

    Anthony Weiner of New York absolutely should stop seeking an elected position. His career as a politician is absolutely over, and he needs to give it up. The fact of the matter is that he's been proven to be an unethical and terrible human being that doesn't deserve the trust of the public.

  • No o no

    Elected position to do what? Take pics of his not-so-impressive skinny weiner, bulges, frontals at his desk? Soliciting free sex as his elected duties and earn his tax-paid few hundred k salary? Have media attention on "Carlos Danger"'s penis all the time instead of on political/ economic/ social issues involving us citizens?

    Posted by: Viet
  • No, Mr. Weiner is only interested in showing off

    Anthony Weiner has embarrassed his friends and family
    enough. His pitiful display of exhibitionism has disgusted the voters of New
    York City deeply enough that he is certain to come in last in any contest he
    dares to enter. Politics is serious; it affects the lives of everyone who
    votes, as well as the lives of who now is too disgusted to vote. Politics
    should not be a forum for neurotic show-offs.

  • Needs to Retire to Private Sector

    Anthony Weiner won't win an election again. When he ran for mayor of New York City, he admitted to further sexting even after the initial "penis photo" incident that led to his resignation from Congress. The only elected position Weiner will have is the secretary of his child's PTA at school. He needs to keep his private life in the private sector instead of dragging the public through another nude picture scandal two years from now. Enough is enough!

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