Should anti-abortionists be charged with terrorist threats, HIPAA violations, and impeding someone else's pursuit of happiness when it comes to abortion?

Asked by: rruthbj
Should anti-abortionists be charged with terrorist threats, HIPAA violations, and impeding someone else's pursuit of happiness when it comes to abortion?
  • Yes I believe anti abortionists should be charged with a crime....

    If they continue to call women who have an abortion baby killers and the such. Abortion is legal. It is offensive and ugly to shout threats at people. And with the thought that anti abortionists have bombed abortion clinics killing clinic staff, it is proven that they can be dangerous. They should be treated like a terror organization the same as any other group that hurl threats at people who are living their own lives and not asking for trouble. These anti abortionists have had many many years of unpleasant rhetoric, hurling obscenities at people, bombing clinics and getting away with their bad behaviour and threats. It is time to put them in jail to cool them off and hopefully end their reign of terror.

  • Yes they should be.

    Sure, some of them just like to hold signs, or post disgusting pictures everywhere including schools , and tell people what terrible human beings they are for having an abortion, some are a lot worse.

    You see some bombing abortion clinics and shooting abortion doctors for the sake of the fetus; that's not very 'pro-life' when you're killing someone else for not agreeing with your beliefs.

    While yes, freedom of speech is allowed, people don't have approve of what they say, and considering that all they want to do is impede on peoples' choice and even their health by trying to stop them from having abortions.

    Smaller fines should be made for the simple protesters and those who post graphic images in places such as schools, but it should extend to jail sentences when threats are made, clinics are bombed, abortion doctors are shot or killed, and even those who try to physically stop people from going inside clinics.

  • Freedom of speech

    In this circumstance, these people are expressing their opinions of other people. You are allowed to criticize people, you are allowed to question their conduct -- that's freedom of speech. Hell, you're even allowed to call someone a terrorist if you want to, but people will most likely call you out on your incorrect usage of the word (terrorists are people whom have the intention of bringing terror to other people).

  • They should be charged with harassment not terrorist threats.

    They should be charged with harassment because they are harassing the women getting them and it actually fits the crime they are committing and if they threaten you they should be charged with assault because assault is a lesser version of battery that can just be as much as a threat or extortion which is a future threat.

  • Charge for crimes - not opinions

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion. According to the question (because it wasn't specific), you believe that ALL anti abortionists should all be charged with terrorism because of their opinions. Does that mean anti abortionists can charge you with slander because of your stance? No. Everyone has the right to speak their opinion, no matter if you agree with it or not. Yes, if they bomb an abortion clinic they should be punished - but they are punished for their crime of bombing the place, not punished for having their opinion.

    Also, if abortion is currently legal, then having an opinion against abortion is not forcing you not to get one. A woman can go in and have an abortion if she so pleases, even if someone tells her that she shouldn't be allowed to, thus there is absolutely no threat on their pursuit of happiness.

  • No, no, no.

    Freedom of speech, simple as that. No matter what someone says, they can not be charged because we live in a free country, where people can have opinions and say what they want. To charge someone just for saying something that others believe is wrong would go completely against our country's morals. By the way, terrorism of this type is very rare, and is not supported by pro life organizations.

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