• Fascism reincarnated anyone?

    Some people have a lil fascist pig inside them seriously. We all seen how "successful" the airports profiling procedures are, most the people that get questioned at airports are innocent civilians like us, they get searched, scanned, questioned and sometimes humiliated in public, no human being should be put through that.

    Infact it feels the only the results we got from this discrimination is nothing but more Intolerance to each another!

    All those selfish cowards saying they are ok with such treatment to others should go through the same safety procedures and interrogations and we will see how happy they will feel afterward.

    Plus, our "intelligence" departments are not so intelligent after all, they r failing us, they should do their job instead of putting all the pressure on the airport securities.

  • Discrimination equals fascism

    Discrimination is nothing more to what the Nazis have done, which will never solve anything, it just ignores other groups from being on the discrimnation list, causing real danger when a non-muslim commits a crime, which has happened in the past, and sorry will never be enough if it a crime happens to a victim or victims.

  • I Assume So

    I believe anti-Muslim discrimination should be forbidden at airports. I really find this question to be odd because it makes me wonder if there are actually people who go to the airport to basically protest Muslims. Is that what the question is referring to? It just seems weird, I know I don't want to see groups attacking each other at the airport.

  • Free of discrimination

    America should be free of discrimination period. Muslims are citizens of this country, too, and they have every right to practice their religion, and there are only a very select group of extremists and most of them are not even American citizens. And I would trust these terrorists to be smart enough to hide their religious affiliation if discrimination was so rampant - they would pass undetected.

  • Anti-Muslim discrimination should be forbidden at airports.

    Anti-Muslim discrimination should be forbidden at airports. There is no reason that are children should ever be exposed to this. It was not the Muslim people fault that this occurred and we should not be taken it out on them. I think they should ban any protest at the airports.

  • Airports are a place of business

    The airport is not a place for discrimination or much interpersonal interaction that is not required by the purpose of the visit. People are there for business or pleasure, and discrimination is a bad way to treat a person who has no reason to be treated different than anyone else.

  • That's where we need it.

    No, anti-Muslim discrimination should not be forbidden at airports, because airports are where we need the discrimination the most. Muslims should be heavily searched before they get on planes. It is Muslims that try to blow up buildings with planes full of people, not any other race. We have to keep ourselves safe.

  • There is no such thing as a good discrimination - discrimination equals fascism

    You would have to look at if you except your own racial group to be treated like those who are being discrimnated, especially if have done nothing wrong, which is no different to what Nazi Germany has done. Adding to this if you discriminate against a particular group, you won't see what other groups who will potentially commit a serious offence do, and sorry won't be enough when there is a victim. One such example, is when the police see black people as muggers, but ingnore white muggers (which there had been many incidents), causing muggers slipping through the net, making victims of mugging still unsafe.

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