Should anxiety disorders be classified as diseases to make them more treatable by medical doctors?

  • Anxiety disorder is a disease

    Although this is probably not a common sentiment shared by many, it is time that anxiety disorders begin to be classified as diseases by the medical community so that there can be a wider range of treatment options for patients suffering from this terrible and all too often life changing affliction.

  • It does not affect how the condition is treated.

    I think anxiety disorders are already classified as a psychiatric disease already, and are treated by psychiatrists, who are medical doctors, but even if they were not, I do not see how the way you classify the condition affects how doctors are able to treat the disease. They still prescribe the same drugs, and the same therapies, etc.

  • We all suffer from some type of anxiety

    No, I do not think that anxiety disorders should be classified as a disease. If a person suffers from an anxiety disorder they will be treat as such. It is not a disease, it is not catchy. Not to mention at some point in every person's life some type of anxiety will make that person uncomfortable and they will deal with it accordingly or not; then the doctor can step in and take further actions.

  • Not A Disease

    I do not believe anxiety disorders should be classified as a disease. Anxiety disorders are not diseases and labeling them as such will not make the problems more treatable. Doctors should be well aware of what anxiety is but many of them lack the knowledge to treat it. Anxiety is something that should result in a referral from your general doctor to one that knows more about anxiety and its causes.

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