• Yes it should

    Yes, I do think that any budget surplus needs to be just given back to all of the tax payers, and that the people will just take it and spend it on something that they want, then the federal government will just get all of the taxes off of it.

  • Only after a decade of surpluses.

    I would only be in favor of this if the American government can actually demonstrate sound and sane fiscal management policy for a decade first. Presidential administrations and political majorities change all the time. If they can manage to do it for more than a decade, then perhaps it's time to apply tax cuts.

  • That would be a real stimulus.

    Yes, any budget surplus should be returned to the American people in the form of tax cuts, because the government should only be taking what it absolutely needs. The government is not a social service organization. They should tax what they need to do their business, and return the rest to the hardworking people.

  • What Budget Surplus?

    The United States is in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars, which Congress must pay for eventually with either a raise in taxes or a cut in spending. Any budget surplus should go towards paying down the debt, but that budget surplus probably won't happen for decades at this rate.

  • Governmental Budgest Are Not That Easy

    Governmental accounting is never as easy as making a simple call like this. Buget projections can be revised upwards and downwards later. It is best to leave surpluses in the treasure. America's credit is been badly damaged, and having cash in reserve would provide more stability. Tax cuts would not. Look at George W. Bush's tax cuts did the American economy.

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