Should any country have an official religion out of its majority religion?

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  • I think not

    This question actually confuses me on the importance of the law and the official religion. A country being secular is the best thing. Could Christianity for the Us and western Countries,Hinduism for India be the official religion? No, probably not at all - this won`t suit the modern world now.

  • Should there be an official religion?

    While a lot of people are religious, a government favouring one religion over others just seems like the perfect opportunity to subjugate people who don't fall into that category.

    I think we should probably uphold religious freedom, and have government just stay out of it completely. Basically, most of the west practices mostly secular government. The west is the most progressive, peaceful culture in the world. The most stable as well.

    I think that peace and harmony comes from religious freedom, and emphasizing shared values over shared beliefs. In looking at secular and religious people, we all likely accept the core values of peaceful coexistence, individual freedoms and the like. In that light, does it matter WHY we hold those values, or is it more important that we simply DO hold those values?

    Christians say that their god has forbidden murder and theft. An atheist would say that like begets like, and we all want to live, so we should minimize murder by not murdering, and punishing those who DO murder. In kind, theft begets theft.

    Both groups believe in the importance of those values, so does it matter if we come to those cornerstones of society from different directions?

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