Should any kid in their school be allowed to go to chess club no matter what?

  • Chess allows the brain to work.

    Chess is not a normal board game, it is a game that involves strategy and if you look at the best chess players, they are also good at math, logic, and strategy games. Why shouldn't chess be allowed? It's just as important and learning to play an instrument or play a sport. I don't see how chess could have a negative impact on students.

  • CHESS!!! Lover! Lol!!!!!

    I love chess club! I believe that any student should be allowed to play chess as a activity. Not only is chess fun,but it also helps at school.Chess helps kids at school because it teaches us how to be patient ,and think about the things we do.This is why I think that any kid should be allowed togo to chess club.CHESS LOVER!!

  • What if they're there not because they love chess?

    What if someone came to chess club because they were giving out free ice cream and not that they either care or know how to play to chess. What if they're there because they want to talk to people and not play chess. People who come just to hang out should be kicked out

  • Disruptive students and better players.

    Students that ruin the experience for others do not have the right to chess club. Chess is a game of high concentration and any disruption can ruin the experience of the player. Also, chess club is usually a competitive club where school compete against each other. If a student is not up to par, then the club has the right to choose the better player for better outcomes.

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