Should any kind of gun be allowed on the streets?

Asked by: AndreasTzolakis
  • I think yes because murica.

    I think this is a definate yes because, WE live in americca and my biceps are constantly being criticized for being "guns". I dislike how people get all offended when i bring out my "guns"..... I dont know about you but my "guns" always offend people. Therefore, i think any guns should be allowed on the streets.

  • Tendencies of Criminals Armed with Firearms in Crimes.

    In most crime cases with firearms being used by the criminal, the firearm is semi automatic. Semi automatic firearms are preferred by armed robbers and even maniacal shooters. Also, with looming Big Brother and vast militarization of law enforcement, citizens have the right to put themselves closer to equal terms when threatened with things like police brutality (another problem that is not getting better anytime soon). With the likelihood of a civil war breaking out in the U.S. between the state and the people, the notion of civilians being allowed to carry more firearms is becoming a lot less impractical.

  • Do you want to sorry about somebody shooting you while your on the streets?

    No. You don't. Any maniac out there could just go on a shooting spree in your neighborhood. It is a horrible thing to have guns everywhere; they should only be held by police, people in the military, or hunters (in the woods, not the street). ESPECIALLY if they have a mental disorder or a criminal record.

  • We have extremists on both sides, and the fact that some want all guns and some want none is kind of ridiculous.

    I don't think any type of gun is necessary. I would agree with many I believe to say that we don't need any more than a semi-automatic assault rifle, such as the AR-15. I don't understand why some people are so adamantly opposed to guns, for the same reason that I cannot understand why people are so adamantly for all guns. Normally a peaceful middle ground is the cowards way out, but in this case it would benefit most to understand why a middle ground needs to be found. After the successful attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese wanted to attack America and invade. However, the Japanese military commander told the Emperor that invading America would not work, because we would have a gun behind every blade of grass, thus warding off a foreign invader. If we had no gun in the citizens' hands, the past would have been very different.

  • It is a very odd subject

    When looking at the gun "crisis" in America, one must consider what guns they are using. You don't see a gunman with a regular old pistol going to shoot up the local college. You'll be hard pressed to find someone without a semi auto or auto rifle willing to shoot up a whole bunch of people. While gangs on the other hand may use any and all guns at their disposal. But, gang shootings usually involve more than 2 people and end up with just about everyone involved injured or dead. However these two cases I've presented are extreme in that they aren't what normally happens with guns. Most often people will have normally a few pistols or so. It isn't bad to have people out in the streets with a pistol, but when you see an ar-15 things start getting questioned. In my opinion, pistols should be allowed to be carried on the streets, But anything more would be overkill. But, this wouldn't be a problem if gun stores more properly checked ones background history and if they have any mental issues that should prevent them from owning weapons

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