Should anyone be able to become a famous artist or not

Asked by: Madiboomalaty
  • Of course it should be.

    But I don't know is meant by "anyone". Because anyone has become a famous artist. There are many famous artists and many reasons why they became so. Because they are highly popularized, or highly regarded. But even if you want to become famous or try your best to become well known, it is ultimately the decision of others to pay attention to you and your work, and there are many reasons why they my pass over you or refuse to give a person the time of day. I believe that a true art lover loves art, not being famous. Anyone should be able to become famous, but most people don't, and that's just how it is.

  • No, it should not.

    I really believe that a famous artist needs an inborn gift with sheer hard work.It is clear that the majority of art graduates would not become famous artists. But they probably become artists in future.So i think that is a good example to prove it . By the way , gift sometimes is easily exhibit in an early ages .

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