Should anyone be able to own a gun in the United States?

  • What if we had no guns?

    -We would be forced to surrender the right to bear arms therefore making this country non-democratic
    -we would have to abandon Alaska a state because the bears don't care if the president passed a law or not.
    -we would be invaded. Do you know why the us wasn't invaded by Japan in world war two? It is because their emperor was too scared to. He said quote unquote that there would be a gun behind every door. Now what if we didn't have the right to bear arms back in the 40's?

  • It depends on who

    For security yes, but maybe those who really need it should be able to get one. Imagine a person that usually has a lot of money on their pockets, or maybe are recognized on their town because of wealth. He could most likely be robbed, and how could he protect himself? By owning a gun. I'm not saying he could shot it and kill the person, but sometimes they get scared by it.
    But anyway, my point is, only own a gun for security reasons...

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