Should anyone be charged guilty in a stampede (at crowded events) that results in the death of certain people (getting stepped to death)?

Asked by: cjchang
  • Depends on the cause.

    I am not saying that the people who accidentally injured or killed someone should be held to blame but if someone incites the stampede, they should be charged if it was for mischievous purposes.
    One example could be shouting "fire" in a crowed theater. If there is no fire, just someone playing a joke, the person could be charged with Inducing panic. This person should be charged for the what is actions caused. If it results in a persons death, I think they could be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter. If there was an actual fire set on purpose, then the arsonist would be charged. If there was a fire that started from neglect of building maintenance, then the building owner could be charged. Different states have various penalties for this but who ever initiated the chain of events should at least be held responsible financially. Again, this is not saying that those who ran walked/ran over the others should be, because they were just trying to save their own lives, but the ones responsible for the stampede starting in the first place should be.

  • Someone should be charged guilty in a stampede (at crowded events) that results in the death of certain people

    Ofcourse this depends on the situation, but say i instigated the stampede by shooting a gun in the air in a temple which results in a stampede this would obviously be my fault, so i should have the consequences borne. Inherently, my misbehaviour has resulted in the deaths of multiple people, because of my foolish actions.

  • I think it is your fault if you did something wrong

    I seriously think that stepping on someone means getting charged even if it was an accident because you killed someone so you should be charged because you were the cause of peoples death.This states that you should responsible for your actions and to be careful for what you have done or going to do.

  • There isn't any intention.

    I would say that those people who stepped on others had no mens rea, no intention to cause harm to others, but are merely trying to make their way out of the crowd and survive, so I don't think they should be guilty, if we were able to isolate them in the first place.

  • You will not be able to find out who exactly caused the death.

    Does responsibility rest on the crowd? Then do you know who exactly was a part of the crowd? You cannot find out. And even if you find someone who was in the crowd, there is no evidence that the person is directly related to the death, and without evidence, you cannot make any accusations.

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