• Yes They Should

    I believe second place is fine and people who end up there should be more than happy about it. I believe some Americans have issues with seeking out success and they're never happy with their position. There's nothing wrong with second, we can't all be winners or all be in first place.

  • Second place is impressive as well.

    We should sometimes settle for second place because everyone cannot be number one in every task they undertake. Being number two is almost as impressive and almost as successful. People at some point in their lives get to be number one at something. That should not make them feel comfortable that they will succed the same way at everything else.

  • Settle for second place.

    I believe that sometime you just have to accept that you are not always number one and if you get second place it doesnt mean you are settling because their will always be another chance for you to be number one you just have to work on improving yourself in areas

  • No, nobody should ever settle for second place.

    Just because nobody should ever settle for second place, doesn't mean they should never appreciate it as well. I think that people should always strive to be the best they can be and never believe that they cannot ever be the best. But people should also appreciate their accomplishments. I think second place is nothing to be ashamed about.

  • No one should settle for second place.

    No one should settle for second place. Although second place is not a bad achievement, it is the result of competing for first place. Everyone should be aiming for first place in any contest or sporting event. But since only one person can be in first place, the people who finished closest to first are given second or third place prizes.

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