• Bill of Rights

    I could explain this in a very complex manner, but simply put: Yes, anyone has the "Right" to be on TV if they wanted to.

    What they do on TV and whether their actions or harmful or good is subjective and not the topic of the debate and as such I will not need to go further.

  • Anyone should get to be on TV

    Should everyone get to be on TV? I think so. That's why I did this topic, duh. I think anyone should get to be on TV if they're good enough because it's not fair that only some people get to be stars. What about all those other people, like me, that want to be actors, and they can't because they need connections? Anyone should get to be on TV. Bye everybody and please comment your debate!!!!!

  • A few simple words.

    For example, Miley Cyrus and her traumatizing tirade about on TV. Sometimes people just shouldn't get the eye of the public. While I've got nothing wrong with maybe people trying out for TV, if they produce something very wrong, especially if it reaches the eyes of children, then no. No TV publicity for them.

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