Should someone under the age of 13 be allowed to babysit?

  • Many young people are mature enough for shorter periods.

    Many young people are mature enough to supervise younger children for short periods of time when parents run out for a short errand. However, I do not think someone under the age of 13 should babysit for extended periods of time or late into the night. I think babysitting even for the shorter times, teaches responsibility to the young person as well as providing a small amount of income.

  • Yes Yes YES

    I believe that they should but with limits. Because Stacey is 13 now, she can babysit dave untill he goes to darwin. Some people you can trust but some people you just can't. I believe that children (for example stacey) can be trusted with kids (for example dave because they are responsible!! Overall i think most children are good enough to babysit. YOLO. If they babysit other children and kill them then thats just a bit of bad luck!

  • Age doesn't determine a person's ability or maturity

    Age doesn't determine a person's ability or maturity when it comes to this sort of thing. Some kids and younger teens really don't make good babysitters, but some make better babysitters than a lot of adults. It really depends on the individual and I'm sure most parents would make sure that they know a person is responsible before hiring him/her to do the job.

  • Yes but with limits.

    There is no reason that a responsible person under 13 couldn't watch someone younger. I don't think they should be left alone all night, but for a few hours I don't see any problem. Remember that kids that age used to be in charge or countries and starting families young. Back in Roman times I believe that 28 was the life expectancy. So at 13 you are middle age. I also think that regular check ins would be necessary. With cell phones that is not a problem.

  • Children under 13 should be allowed to babysit.

    Babysitting should not be based on age, it should be based on maturity. I know some very mature 10 year olds, and some very immature 13 year olds. I am 11, and I babysit my 5 year old cousin. I can handle everything. The babysitters should just be mature enough for the job

  • Yes There Should be no Age Limit to be able to Babysit

    Some children still at the age of 13 are immature. It isn't based on the age level it is based on your maturity level. For example: Maybe there is a 20 year old who wants to babysit but she is very immature. If there is a 10 year old and they are more mature than the 20 year old they would be a better choice of a babysitter.

  • Yes they shouu

    I don't think anyone under the age of 11 should be able to babysit but 11 and up should. 11 year olds have some experience from younger siblings or cousins. 10 year olds may have a little experience but not enough. 11 year olds can stay up pretty late and the can cook. Plus you can trust 11 year olds and up.

  • Kid can do

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  • Children under 13 should be allowed to babysit

    Children in the Uk should be allowed to babysit because it could earn them some pocket money or show parents or careers that they are sensible and sofficticated but f they aren't that's when they aren't supposed to babysit. But that is from my perspective thank you for listening to my opinion

  • No, someone under the age of 13 should not be allowed to babysit.

    Most children under the age of 13 are too immature to handle another child. There is too much responsibility and too many things that can go wrong. I don't think it is right for a sibling to baby sit a younger child either. Under 13 they are still children themselves.

  • A big no.

    I would not allow anyone younger that 16 to take care of my kids unless they were family members or I knew them really well. I would not trust young kids to take care of my much younger kid(if I had any). Don't hate me for saying this but I think pre-teens and early teenagers are a bunch of reckless kids and yes I've seen my share of young teens making stupid decisions to make me not want to trust them.

  • Children of this age have not developed the thinking skills to keep children safe.

    The most important need of a babysitter is to be able to foresee possible things that could go wrong and prevent them. A child of 12 or younger simply have not developed these skills yet. They do not have enough life experience to know what to do in an emergency or how to prevent an emergency.

  • Kids should not babysit until the age of 13

    Because there was a mother and father, who had 4 kids. All of the parents friends would say "oh my god, you guys have not spent any time away from the kids in sooooooo long. Just hire a babysitter and go out to dinner." They listened, hired a 12 year old babysitter and went out to dinner. Later that night, there was a fire at the house. The babysitter ran out of the burning house and the four kids died.

  • Lol lol yeah ok

    Why do you think a 13 year old should babysit you would understand if you saw my son. He babysat and it did not end well trust me. He only got paid 5 dollars for 6 hours. Those kids have never been the same since well thats all thanks for listing

  • 12year olds SHOULD be able to babysit

    I think that many 12 year olds are very responsible and wouldn't make stupid decisions, I think that they could relate to each other because most 12 year olds are in elementary school and have been in all the grades that the younger children have been in. I also think that 13 year olds are more into social life and are on the Internet way more often. I think 12 year olds are smart and responsible enough to ever handle tough situations. I think 12 year olds are good enough to have a chance.

  • No they should not.

    Unless it is maybe an older daughter/son and they are a year or two younger than 13 than I do not think anyone younger should be allowed to babysit. It will put too much stress on the child who has to babysit, and they are not old enough to really handle a tough situation.

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