Should anyone with a criminal record be allowed to remain or become a police officer?

Asked by: andyjfraser
  • I think so

    People make mistakes when there young but learn from it if judge Mathis can become a judge after being in trouble and then turn his life around so can anyone else because no one is perfect and never will there be a perfect person if we didn't mistakes then how are we supposed to learn in life I think that people should be given a clean slate if they can show that they have learned from there mistakes because we are all equal and besides that you don't have be criminal to break the law because even police,judge's, lawyers, politicians, and even the president can break the law anyone can make mistakes but can learn from those mistakes and change there life for the better everyone deserves a chance to become a law abiding productive citizen and not be judged by his fellow man based on there mistakes so if you can pass all the required test including a phycological test you deserve a chance to be an officer of the law or anything else you choose to be

  • That would be a Mistake

    How could a serving officer or a new recruit command the respect of his or her fellow officers let alone the public they are there to protect and serve if he or she had been convicted of a criminal offence. If we allowed this to happen and it does happen then really we are degrading the police and the respect from the public they need to do their jobs effectively.

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