• AP for all, no I don't think so

    I think it would be a better world if everyone were interested in and capable of completing an AP course. But the fact is that this isn't practical. There are too many students who haven't been adequately prepared to pursue advanced placement. Our focus should be on more fundamental and basic academic objectives, after that, then we could focus on AP classes.

  • No, AP classes need to restrict enrollment to qualified students.

    It is understandable that all students who hope to attend college would desire to enroll in AP classes, because they can receive college credits if the do well enough on the end of term AP test. Unfortunately, the pace and vigor of AP classes do not make them ideal for all students. Students that have a harder time grasping the subject will slow down the rest of the class. That is exactly the problem that the AP course is designed to avoid, giving accelerated learners access to high level material.

  • No, not every student belongs in AP classes

    Not every high school student has the academic skill and work ethic to succeed in an AP class, so the classes should not be open to everyone. It should be up to teachers' and guidance counselors' discretion who can and cannot take AP classes to ensure a good environment for learning.

  • AP classes should not be open to everyone

    It is my opinion that AP classes should not be made available to everyone. Most students who go into AP classes have proven a degree of proficiency in the subject matter before going into the advanced classes. If a student cannot handle the normal course for any given subject then they should not be encouraged or allowed to take on the advanced version of those subjects.

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