• Yes they should

    Apple should pay corporate taxes overseas in accordance to whatever country they have their money in. It is common practice for many companies to keep assets overseas to avoid taxes in America and as shady as it sounds, there isn't much we can do about it without stripping away freedoms.

  • Yes, Apple should be forced to pay corporate taxes overseas.

    The Apple corporation should be forced to pay corporate taxes overseas since it is conducting business in different countries. A business with operations and conduction commerce in international areas should be subject to corporate taxes just as domestic companies would. They should be offered incentives and credits for conducting business in the global areas, but should be required to pay some portion of corporate taxes overseas.

  • Though we would have to change a lot of laws

    The U.S. can't make other governments force Apple to pay corporate taxes, but we could change our own tax code to make them pay additional taxes here. That is a dangerous path however, as Apple is not the only company to have this practice. If people are mad at Apple they may just have to stop buying their products.

  • It's only fair.

    They're taking advantage of the cheap labor, and taking jobs from Americans. They shouldn't be able to go about this in a tax less manner. After all, they are turning around and selling these foreign goods back to Americans. It seems like a horrible loop hole that should be sewed up immediately to keep from acting as an incentive to have things produced overseas.

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