Should Apple be sued for the bug in its system that contributed to the massive leak of nude celebrity photos?

  • What Happened To Best In The World??

    Apple are considered the best worldwide, however, being the best doesn't include a bug that exposes people's personal life to the outside world. Considering it's praised by many people, it shouldn't have a problem that has a very simple solution. Those saying it's not their fault, are incorrect because people have their own private, personal lives and they have the right to store whatever files they want on their phones. So I think that Apple should reconsider this very small but impacting drawback.

  • They could have done better.

    Apple prides themselves on being the best in the world. A lot of people buy Apple on purpose because of this fact. Those people depend on these people to make a cloud that is impenetrable. When there is a problem, Apple needs to be responsible. Someone has to be to blame, and they could have stopped it.

  • Yes. Apple should take part in some of the blame if it truely was a bug in their system.

    Computer companies have a lot of responsibility right now because every one's lives are on the Internet and their computers. There are also a lot of smart people out there who can Hack into our lives. I believe Apple should take some of the blame. They need to be protecting the privacy of their users and if they can't do that, they need to compensate their users in some way.

  • There is no bug, idiot

    Seriously, do your research instead of just barfing up what you read in stupid tabloids. They only say things to make money, so how much of it do you think is true? In reality, it was a password hack. The hackers used software to guess the passwords, and logged in to download the pics. That's not a bug, it's an imperfection shared by EVERYTHING WITH A PASSWORD SECURITY SYSTEM EVER. Haha hur dur

  • So celeberites are innocent?

    First of all, why would CELEBERTIES put their nudes in a device? #blamejobs Anyways, why only nudes? Maybe they could've make all apple products UNACCESIBLE but that would cause on uproar. Besides, they were hacked and most likely lost much of their money and made people wonder about their security. We should just stop giving apple a hard time.

  • Apple should not be sued

    Apple should not be sued because it seems that the cloud is a new product and people are still using it in the beginning stages. I think although Apple could be a little at fault, we have to be more wary of what we put on the cloud so we do not risk losing our pivacy.

  • They are not liable.

    Firstly, it has not been established that Apple has actually done anything wrong so far, security wise. It seems far more likely that the people involved were careless with their passwords/secret questions. Secondly, I am sure that as part of signing up for Apple's services, they agreed in the small print, not to hold Apple liable for any lapses in security.

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